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Mountain View Big Man Carter Ballenger Pounds His Way To The Top

Mountain View Big Man Carter Ballenger Pounds His Way To The Top

Idaho is home to some of the biggest mountains in the world.  And if you stop by to watch the Mountain View Mavericks of Meridian, Idaho you might just see one of them out there pounding away.

6’3″- 300 pound bruiser Carter Ballenger has just turned out some of the best film we have seen this year.  His 10 play Super Highlight is posted below.  It has pancakes and pass sets back to back to back and these poor defensive linemen are being eaten up.  Ballenger also has produced some of the best film this year featuring guys like Brandon Kipper (5 offers) coming at him on defensive line and Carter is winning.

Carter Ballenger

He looked good at the PSU linemen camp this Summer in drills but did not jump off the page like this.  Tall enough to play Guard or Center at the next level this big man has impressed us enough to jump right up the page on our All NW Top 300 prospects list.  Great job and we are calling on all of you to get us your 10 Play Highlight and do it as soon as you can!

Coaches here is another gem for you and one of the best in the Gem State.    He has an offer from College of Idaho and is talking to other schools and open at this point.

He plays with Top rated QB Tucker Rovig who is also on our list.


Mountain View Big Man Carter Ballenger Pounds His Way To The Top

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