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NW Ballers Video Of The Week Features Ryan Harper

NW Ballers Video Of The Week Features Ryan Harper

There are a few of us in this “space” of High School football media coverage that do it right.  Not that many, but a few, who answer to no-one and are swayed by no parent nor profiteer.  The real dudes with the love of the game are the guys who do this work day in and day out with no tie to money in exchange for said work.  You know who you are but others do not.  So let me give an NWPR two thumbs up to James of NW Ballers.  This guy grinds like few ever have and his work speaks for itself.

If you see James out there you might not see him.  Video guys on sidelines get zero love.  But this man has the talent to create the film of some great stars and some rising talent too and he has shown me over the last 5 years that he is in it for the kids.  Beyond that, he has an eye for talent and he knows how to capture great moments.  I have done a lot of film work, thousands at last count, and the post-production work is a huge time suck.  People think the kids grind?  They have no idea of what this is like- the travel, the expense, the time, and the sleepless nights.  We do it for the thrill of helping the next big star make it.  James does that and we are not close friends but I see him and he is the man.  That is a fact.

If he drops in on you and produces a highlight about you count your blessings.  Believe me.  So because we recognize real dudes here I am recognizing James.  Every week we will post a film or a highlight he has done about a player or a team and give he and the subject of said film some love.

Here is our 1st installment of NW Ballers Video of the Week.  Follow James on Twitter at @NWBallers.

Ryan Harper – Central Valley High School – 2020 recruit with a 93 yard Pick 6 and 2 receiving TD’s on the road at Seattle Memorial Stadium vs Garfield

Congrats to Ryan and many thanks to James and NW Ballers!  Look for our installment each week.

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