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NWPR All Camp List From NWEFC- Linemen Reviewed

After careful review, and understand this is a list that can change after we review more film and dozens of names, here is our NWPR ALL CAMP LIST for the linemen in attendance.

NWPR All Camp List From NWEFC- Linemen Reviewed

We would be lying if we said the linemen are not one of our favorite things about any camp.  The battles get so fierce and the energy is so palpable one has to sit in wonder of these giants and just be amazed at their ability.  Coming  into the Northwest Elite Football Camp there were a lot of banner names and they all did their thing.   Adding to that mix were those who came looking to steal the thunder; and to be honest they did just that.  We saw the immediate rise of several new faces to Top Tier status as they battled known athletes with offers.

The thing about a Camp like this is that those who have offers are the gold standard against which others are judged and or rated and that applies to all positions.  This is one reason why many prospects with offers stay away from these competitive camps; they have nothing to gain and could have their stock slide a bit if they are beaten or at least that is the perception.  From our standpoint to be the best you have to beat the best regardless of offers.



After careful review, and understand this is a list that can change after we review more film and dozens of names, here is our NWPR ALL CAMP LIST for the linemen in attendance.

Editors Note – College Coaches-  We have Contact Info for all these kids and everyone at Camp.  Send and email to for the list!


Offensive Linemen:

  • Chris Schlichting –  Mt Si (WA)- O-Line MVP
  • Blake Brandel –  Central Cartholic  (OR) – O-Line MVP
  • Zion Dixon – Lake City (ID) – O-Line MVP – Break Through Performer Award
  • Alex Neale – Eastside Catholic (WA) – O-Line MVP
  • Riley Gallant – Central Catholic (OR)
  • Cody Kanouse- Peninsula (WA) – Freshmen- MVP
  • Eric Lukner – Sedro Wooley (WA)
  • Brody McKnight – Eastside Catholic – Freshmen
  • Levi Long – Sprague (OR)
  • Kaden Prosser – Tumwater (WA)
  • Siaosi Tongi – White River (WA)
  • Jo-Bentley Keilani- Lakes (WA)
  • Chris Mengis- Oregon City (OR)
  • Mason Manning -Capital(WA)
  • Marcus John- West Salem (OR)
  • Jordan Jira- Lakewood (OR)
  • Jason Sperle – McNary (OR)
  • Christian Stevens – Crescent Valley (OR)
  • Carlos Collado- Sandpoint (ID)
  • Dallen Pritchett- Capital High (WA)
  • Justin Farnsworth – Post Falls (ID) 
  • Will Fisher – Richland (WA)
  • Tiano Tialavea – Meadowdale (WA)
  • Mason Bradley- Arch Bishop Murphy- (WA)
  • Nate Jarvis – Liberty HS  (WA)
  • Andrew Iademarco – Corvallis (OR)
  • Billy Main – Lakewood(WA) – Freshmen


  • Defensive Linemen:
    • Ryan Bowman – Bellevue (WA) D-Line MVP
    • Cody Baker -Eastside Catholic – (WA) D-Line MVP
    • Amandre Williams – Tahoma HS (WA) D-Line MVP – Break Through Performer Award
    • Josiah Bronson – Kentwood (WA) – D-line MVP
    • Keenan Williams – Cheney HS (WA)
    • TJ Salu – Central Catholic HS (OR)
    • D’Angelo Penn- Grant HS (OR)
    • JR Matai – Evergreen (WA-Vancouver)
    • Iziq Ifopo- John F Kennedy (WA)
    • Jeremiah Kelemete – Evergreen (WA)
    • James Cory- Central Catholic (OR)
    • Riley Griffiths – Skyline HS (WA)
    • Jackson Davis – Wilson (OR)
    • Bryce Vitcovich – Marysville-Pilchuck (WA)
    • Omar Dyles – Bellevue (WA)
    • Che’lon Mclennan – O’Dea (WA)


    Catch our Film of the Linemen 1-1’s here- No Particular Order- And see the photo album embedded below.


  • 01-IMG_0698
  • 02-IMG_0705
  • 03-IMG_0709
  • 04-IMG_0711
  • 05-IMG_0728
  • 06-IMG_0729
  • 07-IMG_0733
  • 08-IMG_0754
  • 09-IMG_0756
  • 10-IMG_0768
  • 11-IMG_0784
  • 12-IMG_0795
  • 13-IMG_0800
  • 14-IMG_0808
  • 15-IMG_0811
  • 16-IMG_0812
  • 17-IMG_0822
  • 18-IMG_0827
  • 19-IMG_0828
  • 20-IMG_0874
  • 21-IMG_0893
  • 22-IMG_0900
  • 23-IMG_0904
  • 24-IMG_0910
  • 25-IMG_0943
  • 26-IMG_0948
  • 27-IMG_0955
  • 28-IMG_0961
  • 29-IMG_0965
  • 30-IMG_0972
  • 31-IMG_0985
  • 32-IMG_0994
  • 33-IMG_0996
  • 34-IMG_1102
  • 35-IMG_1106

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