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On Memorial Day We Thank Those Who Have Served

On Memorial Day We Thank Those Who Have Served

A short post today to thank every single man and woman who has served our country in the armed services.  Imagine life without freedom.  Imagine how many would have died without these brave men and women.  No matter where you are or what your beliefs are regarding War you can no doubt admit that these people made a difference in the world.  That is something most of us, upon self-reflection, would have a hard time saying.

So thank you to all of you who have served and to all of you that are serving.  Thank you to all of you Mothers and Fathers and Sisters and Brother and Wives and Husbands and Children too, who lost someone in a War or conflict or who gave up your loved ones for our Country.

Most of us can not imagine life without Football.  That too has been provided for you by the Military.  We remember you all today.

Here in the Metro League where I coached and have watched thousands of games our Community has lost a few great Alumni and two of them I remember fondly.

Andrew Keller – Southridge High School – Read His Story Here 2008 Graduate and Skyhawk

Marcques J Nettles – Westview High School – Read His Story Here – 2003 Graduate and Widlcat


Also today I will be remembering my former linemen Jason Bryngelson of Westview (2009-10) who passed a day before leaving for Boot Camp and who was an awesome kid;

and we remember Nathan Lindstrand of Sunset High School (2007) was served our country well in the Air Force after High School.  He lost a battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma after fighting bravely beyond most people’s ability.

Thanks to all who have served.  Who have you lost in your life?  If you wish to remember someone leave your comments below.


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