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Oregon Duo Land 1st Offers From Wyoming Cowboys And Get On The Board

Oregon Duo Land 1st Offers From Wyoming Cowboys And Get On The Board

That first offer.  All kids want it and for most it never comes.  By now we all understand how hard it is to make the leap from High School to college and just how hard a student athlete has to work to be recognized as a collegiate football player; especially at the D1 level.  To be honored by a University of College with a full ride paid for College education is a dream for most kids that never comes true and maybe that is why we celebrate so much for those that do.

Luka Nixon Sherwood High
Luka Nixon of Sherwood HS is a FORCE on the grid iron and the hardwood and lands his first offer from Wyoming!

 Oregon Duo Land 1st Offers From Wyoming Cowboys And Get On The Board


This past 7 or 8 years NWPR and others have worked closely with the Wyoming Cowboys Coaches and staff to alert them to the caliber of talent we have here in the NW.  They have showed up time and again at camps and on recruiting trips and followed up with offers too.  Legendary West Salem QB Brett Smith went there and became an All American nominee leading the Cowboys to some huge wins during his run.  Other like DJ May and Uso Olive of Federal Way have found a home there and flourished on and off the field.  Fact is Wyoming has become a big player as far as recruiting in the NW and have been first to offer many of our NW kids.  For this we commend them and continue to support all they do there.

Yesterday Wyoming offered a pair of Oregon’s best kids their first offers.  Luka Nixon of Sherwood High And Kolby Barker of McNary both landed nice offers yesterday and were super stoked to announce their offers.


Said Nixon who is 6’6″ and 245 lbs – a beast of a kid who can play DE and TE and may end up being one hell of a Tackle before he is done.  This offer was well deserved as he is on the NWPR All NW Top 50 for 2017.

In Barker Wyoming sees what we saw at the NW Stars Camp in February where Barker took away my All Camp Award for D’line as the “Big Winner” of the day.  He basically took himself from a guy known in his League to a guy known in the State and then the Region at that camp (which we continue to point out has successfully done this for kids every year) and no doubt Wyoming was paying attention.


Kolby Barker 2017 McNary

Kolby Barker 2017 McNary- Salem. This monster of a kid lands an offer form the Wyoming Football Program too!

Kolby is a 6’4″- 235 lb Defensive End and a Hard Charger- no one last season blocked him as he just tore up the league down in Salem.  He has an agile enormous frame and is a dream building block for any program.

Both of these guys could be Pac 12 material – time will tell.  One thing we know is this first offer is a big one and once again our pals there at Wyoming have “Cowboyed Up” and made a difference in the lives of these athletes and flexed their recruiting muscles from the Mountain West!  Great job to all concerned in this process.  Let’s all keep it going now!


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