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Paul Frazier III Alluring Speed Intrigues

Paul Frazier III Alluring Speed Intrigues

Paul Frazier III of Aloha High School has many gifts.  Lot’s of them.  This past weekend despite the fact his Warriors were down badly he cracked off two of the longest touchdowns of the year and showcased what he can bring to the table on special teams. When we see a kid this big (6’1″-190 lbs) crack off kick returns like these two we must shine a light on it.

Paul Frazier III 550 Aloha High

I remember the first time I saw Paul.  He was an 8th grade QB at a Summer 7 on 7  being held at Jesuit and his team, the Alberta Park Panthers, was tearing a new one in all competitors. He was a man among boys and the Jesuit and Central Catholic youth Coaches were frothing at the mouth over him.   At that moment it seemed clear that Frazier would end up at one of the big Catholic schools.  Fact is he didn’t.

At this point it is quite clear Paul can play several positions in college.  He is one of the best players in the State of Oregon and can play offense or defense.  No matter what position he deserves serious looks from college programs.  We will keep an eye on Paul the rest of this year and he joins over 160 top NW Prospects on our All NW 300 Prospect lost which we are rolling out daily right now.

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