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Peninsula High Recruit Blake Cantu Deserves A Look

Peninsula High Recruit Blake Cantu Deserves A Look

We have heard of Blake Cantu this past year quite a lot.  The Peninsula star Senior just completed what can only be described as a spectacular season.  We clicked play on his season Highlights a couple of days ago and form the moment he makes the first bone crushing blow to the end of the tape we were impressed.

At 6’1″ and almost 200 pounds Cantu is one heck of a force.  From his strong safety spot he provided incredible run support.  He plays with a Violent edge that is required to succeed in the most physical game in the world.  On pass plays he is difficult to read as his long arms and ability to adjust to offensive schemes make him a real handful.

He was the South Sound All League Defensive MVP for 2016 which is a huge compliment to his ability.  Other coaches we spoke to said this guy is the one they point to as the player that wowed them.

Blake Cantu 550

On offense he displayed big play ability mixing sprinters speed with the brutal force of a battering ram.

Coaches this is the time of year to round out your recruiting boards and here once again is a terrific NW 2 way player who rose up this year to become one of the very very best.  We believe Blake to be a great fit at the Big Sky level and any team can benefit form having this guy.  Watch this film and share it with your friends and staff.  One of the best we have seen this season!

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  1. Dirk Knudsen

    November 23, 2016 at 3:43 pm

    Blake Cantu has produced one of the best Films of 2016. He has shown his ability on both sides of the ball and plays with an intense and physical force. A recruit of serious Note.

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