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Player Watch At Oregon’s 6A Final Four

Player Watch At Oregon’s 6A Final Four

There is going to be so much football talent on the field at Providence Park today in Portland, Oregon that we expect to see several colleges lining the sidelines even if the temperatures are cold.  With clear and windy skies it should he a chance to watch two of the best Quarterbacks in the Region in Tim Tawa (West Linn) and Justin Herbert (Sheldon) just go off.

Tim Tawa 550

They will lead their teams onto the field against the two most prolific run oriented offenses in the State – West Linn faces the Sherwood Bowmen and Sheldon the Jesuit Crusaders.  This is going to be a wild day no doubt.  To aide our many college coaching friends we are posting the basic info of the players on each team we have covered and some names to watch as the day unfolds.  Bu no means is this the complete list of college capable athletes but it is our list- we have seen and reviewed all of these guys.

Game 2 – 4 PM:  Sheldon VS Jesuit

The Sheldon Irish-

  • #5 Justin Herbert–  Offensive Player of the Year SWC –  What can you say about a kid that was used all over the field in 10th grade and had a meteoric start to his Junior year before going out for the season with an injury.  He comes back at QB and is so prolific the Ducks offer him and he accepts.  At 6’5″ he is a commanding leader and so legit.  This will be a great chance to see him play against an amazing secondary from Jesuit!
  • #65 Ryan Phillipo (SR)  – 6’3″- 275 lb First Team All League Center- Film
  • # 51 Tate Edmundson (SR) – 6’3″- 290 lb Tackle- First Team All League- Film
  • #56 Cody Shear (JR)- 6’4″- 265 lbs- First Team All League – Film
  • #4 Tanner Zenke (JR) – 5’10”- 170 – First Team TE and Safety- Film
  • #14 Jackson Johnson (SR) – 6’1″- 180 WR and DB First Team All League – Film
  • #72 Chandler Obermire (SR) , 6’3″- 240 lbs Sheldon, – First Team D-Line- Film
  • #60 Nathan Mahaffie (SR) , Sheldon , 6’4″- 225 Lbs (SR) First Team D-Line- Film
  • #8 Grant Schmaedick (SR),   5’11”-200 lbs , Sheldon, (SR) – First Team Linebacker- Film
  • #6 Zach Diehl, Sheldon, (JR)- 6’1″ 195 lbs – First Team – CB- Film-

The Jesuit Crusaders-

  • #5 Jason Talley 6’2″-215 lbs – Senior – Offensive Player of the Year.  One of the most prolific running backs we have seen in years and he has offers but not at the Pac 12 level that he should.  Maybe no one at that level needs a big back that can run over multiple opponents?  I think not.  Pac 12 schools will be on this guy- Oregon State where are you?  😉  We love this kid and look for a Huge performance today.  Watch Film.
  • #20 Jordan Happle – 6’1″- 180 lbs- Senior – Defensive Player of the Year – First Team WR and DB -Jordan can play WR or DB/Safety at the next level.  He holds offers but like Talley no Pac 12 yet.  He is more than capable.  His ability to go into the air and twist and turn and make plays is unreal- he makes plays only the great ones do.  Watch Film. 
  • Eric Restic -6’0″- 175 lbs- Senior- QB – 3 Year Starter – almost 3,000 yards this season and close to 40 TD’s- the kid just wins and he has become a complete college prospect!  Eric is a leader and a winner.  College Coaches will want a force like this guy on their teams! Watch
  • #64 – Travis Spreen,  – 6’4″- 255 lbs -First Team OL  (Sophomore)
  • #75 – Jaxson Kirkland,  6’7″- 305 -First Team OL (Junior)- Watch
  • #74 Griffen Marler, 5’11”- 250 lbs – First Team OL, (Senior)
  • #61 Jarred Daul,  6’4″- 231 – First Team OL, (Junior)
  • #44 Kyle Hamper, 6’2″-215 lbs – First Team FB and LB- (Senior)- WATCH
  • #11 David Bridges, 6’2″- 225 lbs- First Team DL (Senior)
  • #35 –  Mike Petroff, 6’2″- 234 lbs -First Tean LB (Senior) – Watch
  • #34 – Nate Heaukulani, 6’1″- 234 lbs – First Team LB (Senior)
  • #2 Trey Lowe – SOPH – WR/RB/DB – 2nd team Slot Back- Watch

Game 1 – West Linn VS Sherwood-

The West Linn Lions-

  • #2 Tim Tawa- 6’o”- 174 lbs – Junior – Offensive Player of the Year– One of the best QB’s we have seen in years.  He may be a Stanford baseball commit but his quick release, ability to scramble, and computer like brain make him a big time QB.  He leads the most potent offense in the State of Oregon. WATCH
  • #9 Sam Chitty – 6’1″- 223 lbs – Senior – Co-Defensive Player Of The Year – A complete prospect at Linebacker.  He leads one of the best defenses in the State. Watch
  • #11 Elijah Molden – 5’11”-180 lbs – Junior -First Team Offense – RB/CB This is the best football player in Oregon and maybe the entire NW.  He has been hampered by health issues but if this guy is healthy it’s showtime! Has 15 Majors and will gain more.  All American Candidate.
  • #3 Connor Berggren, Senior 6’3″- 185 lbs – WR – First Team All League Watch
  • #5 Cody Coppedge, Senior 6’3″-180 lbs- WR- First Team All League Watch
  • #75 Alex Forsyth – Junior – 6’4″-285 lbs- First Team All League O-Line
  • #61 Garrett Keizur- Senior – 6’3″- 195lbs-  First Team All League O-line
  • #30  Blake Fletcher- Senior – 6’2″- 220 lbs First Team All League D-line Watch
  • #10 Jacob Taylor – Senior – 6’2″- 195 lbs First Team All League Linebacker
  • #21 Qawi Ntasa – Soph – 5’9″-160 lbs – First Team Kick Return
  • #54 Jake Porter – Junior – 6’4″- 240 – OL / DL Player Watch
  • #77 Hunter Lampson – Junior -6’7″- 305 lbs – A really solid prospect on the rise-

The Sherwood Bowmen –

  • #52 Lukas Adams – Senior – 6’2″- 200 – Linebacker- Co- Defensive Player of the Year-  Adams will return we hope in this game after missing several games- he is rhe hero of the big win over West Linn in the regular season and a complete football player. Watch
  • #24 David Morris – Junior – 6’3″- 210 lbs- RB/ String Safety – First Team All League Running Back – This guy does it all- he holds several offers and landed a Pac 12 recently from OSU!  He will miss the game today with an injury but will be a Top 3 player next year in Oregon and a top prospect out West here! WATCH
  • #51 Tanner Dillree – Senior – 6’2″- 245 lbs – Linemen- Out for the Season- A great college prospect worth mentioning
  • #70 Sean Allen – Senior – 6’2″- 220 lbs – First Team All League Center Watch
  • #75 Josh Bowcut- Junior – 6’5″-270 lbs- One of the best linemen in the PAC NW- This is a special upcoming linemen!  WATCH
  • #32 Adley Rutschman – Senior – 6’2″- 215 lbs – First Team Kicker and D-Line – A special athlete- OSU BASEBALL COMMIT- Watch
  • #36  – Stephon Layna- Senior- 5’10”-195 lbs- First Team Linebacker
  • #4 Jakob Eisenbeiss – Senior – 6’2″- 205 lbs- First Team Linebacker- WSU preferred Walk on – Great athlete
  • #14 Adam Vasquez – Senior – 6’1″- 185 lbs – Quarterback who quietly leads the team and is very efficient-
  • #7 Kobe Higgins – Senior – 5’11”- 170 lbs-  Second Team RB-DB- Look for this guy to have a big day- Watch
  • #35 Luka Nixon – Junior – TE/DE – An impact player- this guy is special- he has to play big today- WATCH
  • #12  Emmett Floyd Senior – DB/WR – 5’11”- 185 lbs – Second Team All League both ways-

I am the Founder of the Northwest Prep Report. For 17 years I have led the way to the best of my ability to promote the best talent from the Pacific NW free of charge. It is my pleasure to continue to serve High School athletes from all over the Pacific NW and beyond. Formerly with my sites have now crossed over 8,000 stories, 7 MILLION Video Views, and 15,000 regular followers. Together with the best football people in the USA we pursue excellence for our NW athletes.

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