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2015 Prospects

Players To Watch at NWElite FB Camp – Levi Long of Sprague

As the NW Elite Football camp draws near we are looking to feature top athletes coming out. Levi Long of Sprague HS is one of those kids.

Players To Watch at NWElite FB Camp – Levi Long of Sprague

With less then a month to go to the biggest camp of the year we decided to take a look at who is planning to come out and compete in front of the 30 plus collegiate staffs that will be in attendance.  Here is a player profile on one of the best athletes who will be at the big Camp June 6th, 2014 at the Starfire Sports Complex in Tukwilla, Washington-

Player Profile-   Levi Long Sprague High School

Levi Long of Sprague High School is a rising star on the linemen list!

Levi Long of Sprague High School is a rising star on the linemen list!

Levi Long-  6’7″ – 282 lbs.

Sprague High School – Salem, Oregon

Offensive Linemen – Defensive Line


Colleges Recruiting – OSU, WSU, Idaho, Nebraska, Arizona, Cal, Others

-NWPR Breakdown-

We have seen Levi develop over the last couple of years and are excited to see what happens this year.  He is tall and extremely fit.  He bends really well for a guy that big and that bodes well.  He is coachable and takes instruction and improves himself.  In 3 days at the Trench Camp last Summer we saw him take on many of the best big men in the NW and he was able to win most of his battles and was still on the rise.  A year later he looks a lot better.  This is a PAC 12 body waiting to show what he can do.  Levi is a finisher and when I say that I mean it.  He likes to finish his blocks with his opponents cleats to the sky; there is a bit of a nasty streak there and it seems to be coming out more as he gets older.  One of the nicest and most humble kids I have met off the field.

Levi is doing well in school and is very well Coached by Sprague Head Man Jay Minyard.  Long projects to the D-1 or D-1 AA level.  His overall skill and size have come out in a 4.20 shuttle and a 5.6 40 which is wuite good for  man his size.  He is making several college visits right after the NW Elite Football Camp and we will see him compete at the Nike Football Training Camp as well.


30 Major Colleges And the Best of the West on June 6th

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