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Prosser High’s Kason Blair Player Of the Night

Prosser High’s Kason Blair Player Of the Night

Another night has come and we are posting another top player.  This time it is film and an athletic resume from Prosser High Senior Kason Blair.  He read the story we wrote a while back about Athletes wanting to head to college needing to have an athletic resume. 

The 6’2″- 180 lb Senior has had quite a year turning 33 catches into 9 TD’s and 630 Yards.  On Defense he has snared 4 interceptions.  The young gun is fluid and smooth on the field and he is smart.  I am not sure he reads what I teach or is just that good but he sent me his film and his resume and her is why I am giving him some love.  It is all accurate, neatly done, and it looks great!

This is what a college coach will see- and let’s call this the Cover of the Book on Kason Blair of Prosser, Washington.

Kason Blair Prosser

Here is a JPEG of Kason’s Resume- see the attached PDF link right below this and that will allow you to click a link to his social media and his Hudl.


  • neatly organized
  • A decent Picture with his name right up top- the Action shot tells me what he is- a WR!
  • Clean use of white space and not too much fluff
  • a Hot link to his HUDL which is also very well done- see below.
  • A great section on him and how to reach him and his Mom and Dad both phone and email too!
  • A nice section on his Academics with his TEST SCORES and GPA out front.
  • A perfect section on his Coaches and how to reach them and other sports and awards he has gained.

This Resume is perfect- in 5 seconds if I am a coach I am calling and watching film if I want.   I can click on the Hudl link and don;t have to search around.    I can email he and his folks- this take me no time to recruit.

Kason Blair – See the PDF Version Right there which of course is the perfect way to email it and send it to coaches and recruiters.

Now the Film – it tells the story and is the Chapters of the book on Kason Blair.  Each piece of film is another Chapter as it rolls by-

Things to Note:

  • Chapter 1 his Name and info
  • Chapter 2 his Stats on a simple panel-
  • The rest of the book is all 9 TD’s right in a row and nice and quickly paced.  Just the way we like them!

This is all I needed to see.  I would have run this story anyway because this is what ALL OF YOU MUST HAVE ready if you want to be recruited in this – the Final Chapter of the 2016 recruiting season.  Signing Day is the first week of Februrary and between now and then there is time for you Seniors to get a look- remember do not panic but be active.  Get to college games as a recruit.  Network and have your act together.

For me the Resume and the Film was enough to get me interested in Kason Blair as a player and potential recruit.  They showed me he is a serious student with some serious talent and now I can call him with the push of a button knowing what I need to know about him!

Props tonight to Kason on a job well done.

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