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Remick Kawawaki Fights Through Adversity: “Best Of The Rest”

Remick Kawawaki Fights Through Adversity: “Best Of The Rest”

Here is the story of one of the most gifted two way stars anywhere in the Nation.  And he is also one of the guys who has the heart and soul of a Warrior.   The reason that best makes that case is that he is one of those guys that had people wanting him to move to the "Power House" schools and he would not go.  Even when he even slightly considered it he was open and honest.

At Columbia River and in the GSHL he is a known entity.  When you play CR you have to stop him.  You do that and your on your way.  But Remick Kawawaki knowing he is not going to get the love of the boys at the power house schools is going about his business and he is doing it in a commendable way.  

He plays every down, he does not take plays off, and he trains himself to be the best.  Good players are often not found on the best teams.  But regardless of that fact they dominate in the portion of the field they control.

We believe Remick to be one of the premier athletes in the Region without the sort of offers he has earned the right to have.  He has great size at 6'1" and 215 pounds,  has a 35" Vertical, a 10.5' Standing Broad Jump (Top 1% in the Nation) a 35" Vertical and a 405 Squat.  All have been 100% confirmed.

Remick is a near 4.0 student and takes a heavy load of AP Courses.  The young man is an absoluet Blue Chip Propsect.  If none of the Big Sky or Mountain West / Pac 12 schools wake up they are going to miss a chance at a kid who can help them both sides of the ball.  As it is he is probably heading to one of several Ivy League Schools.

Here is Powerhouse SS/RB Remick Kawawaki of Columbia River HIgh School.  He Joins our Exclusive Watch List The "Best Of The Rest" comprised of the best Seniors ready for that first offer and ready to play early in College.

  Remick Kawawaki
School and Class:
  Columbia River 2013
Phone and EMail
  Call 503-799-8383 for Contact info
Height – Weight- Speed – Strength
  6' 1" 215. 40 time=4.5 standing broad=10.5 vert=35 squat= 405
ON: Is there any recent news on the Collegiate front? Have you been contacted by any schools via phone, em,ail, mail, text, or Facebook etc?
  Talking to the Ivy leagues. I have my official visit for Yale in December and have interest from Harvard, Columbia, Montana, and a handful of other D2's and 3's.
ON: How is the Season Going so far for you and the Team?
  The season has had its challenges. As a leader on the team it has been a challenge to keep the guys passionate and working hard at practice when we have lost our last 3 games but I like the challenge. I love being able to face adversity and rise above the occasion.
What Position(s) are you playing this season?
  FS and RB
ON: Are you happy with your progress?
  I am happy with how I have progressed into more of a defensive player. I always used to run the ball and this year I have made it a goal to become more of a defensive player. I love hitting and that is really the reason that I love playing defense.
On: What is your favorite part of the Football season?
  Favorite part of the football season is friday nights. All of the hardwork pays off and it is an honor to be able to play on friday nights. The atmosphere and the moments are unlike anything else in sports.
In a year from now what do you want to look back on and remember about this season that is just ahead?
  I want to look back and be proud of the way that my team fought back through adversity. I want to be able to look back and say that I did everything in my power to make my teammates better and consequently myself.
Name some guys who you have been impressed with on your team? Any surprises or young guys standing out?
  I have been impressed with Dillon Willis on the defensive line; he is just a handful to block and really gets after the ball carrier. Offensively I would have to take my hat off to Dante Coleman who is a junior that has really stepped into the role as a varsity wide receiver.
ON: Why should a college recruit you when there are so many kids out there? What sets you apart?
  In addition to my talent and skill I have the passion, drive and leadership capabilities that make me a valuable asset to a football team. I love the chance to work hard every day and prove myself on friday nights. My skills are a testament to the work that I put in on the off season.
Offers of Visitations:
  Visiting Yale in December


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