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Taj Hoard Releases Film

Taj Hoard Releases Film

Taj Hoard is not 6’3″ tall or he would be a 5 Star recruit out West this year.  The 2017 Gonzaga Prep linebacker has a skill set that is just mind boggling and the ferocity that he plays with is palpable.  When you look for the guy on the field you do not want to hit you on Friday night this is him.

Taj Hoard 550

Hoard stands about 5’11” tall.  He is a solid 215 lbs. however and has tremendous quickness.  Clearly his form tackling is as good as it get; something we sure do not see enough of thee days.

Probably the best thing about him is his ability to bring his core power to the hit.  When Taj closes down on an opponent the result is powerful and decisive.  He also has some nifty moves incuding a patented reverse spin he uses to shed blockers and stuff running backs.

He dead-lifts over 500 lbs, power cleans almost 300, and squats North of 400.  That power is the motor driving the machine.  For a linebacker he would do well with another 2 or 3 inches and he says with his Dad at 6’4″ he may have it in him.

Recruiting is quiet right now but he does have some action so far.  Whatever happens this is one excellent football player worthy of a serious look by any suitor.

Taj Hoard Releases Film – catch it here

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