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Talented Tim Haehl Lands First Offer

It has been sitting on my desk for a few days; the stack of notes I took when I spoke to Junior Tim Haehl who is a leader of the Bellevue Wolverines Football program. Go figure that as I began working on his story tonight a rain of texts and tweets came in that the Idaho

Talented Tim Haehl Lands First Offer

Timmy Haehl of Bellevue

Tim Haehl landed his first offer tonight from Idaho.

It has been sitting on my desk for a few days; the stack of notes I took when I spoke to Junior Tim Haehl who is  a leader of the Bellevue Wolverines Football program.  Go figure that as I began working on his story tonight  a rain of texts and tweets came in that the Idaho Vandals were dropping offers like they were carpet bombing the I-5 Corridor.

For Haehl he was a prime target.   If our story line was going to be “Haehl Will Land Offer Soon” we now have to change it to “Haehl Lands First Offer”.   So let’s start our story there.

First Offer For Haehl

Tim Haehl, the 6’1″- 190 pound DB, landed his first offer tonight.  It came from the staff of the Idaho Vandals.  The outstanding corner/safety from Bellevue, Washington was excited to discuss his offer with us.

“Dirk,  I just wanted to let you know I have been offered to play safety for the Idaho Vandals! Thank you for all you do and continue to do for guys like me,” said Haehl in his message.

You see Tim and I have spent time talking about how this recruiting process works and what can go right and what can go wrong and where he sees his future going.  He is focused on school, on his team, on his family, and on his goals.  Playing football is an extension of all of those things.  Tim is a consummate leader and ready to focus on his Senior season.

So the call was pretty neat.  They always are when you know the kids a little bit.

So we asked Tim to tell us about the offer in terms of who reached out to him and made that call.

“Coach Mike Anderson wanted me to call him after he talked to coach Butch (Goncharoff),  so I did and he talked about how he wanted me to play safety.  He then gave the phone to head coach Paul Petrino and I was able to talk to him for a few minutes about how the program was headed in a good direction,” added Tim.   “Then the offer came.”

The “Work Horse” as Haehl has been named by some team mates  is driven.  He is not the biggest or the fastest but the young man flat out gets it done.

When we asked how he was feeling about this moment in his life he paused and thoughtfully answered.

“More motivated than ever to have an amazing season with my team!  This is the first week I’ve been able to be back in the weight room and the team chemistry is amazing.  We are a family and love doing the hardest workouts together in order to make us stronger, literally and figuratively!  This is only more motivation to succeed at a high level and I feel very privileged to be in the position I am in.  Bellevue football is all about the support from friends, teammates, coaches and the community; it is something you cannot find anywhere else.  This could not have been possible without my team, and I cannot thank them enough for it.”

Team.  The theme of these amazing Wolverines.

And there is so much more then words going on here.  It is in fact specifically guys like Tim Haehl that make that environment happen.  He is one of many on this squad who Head Coach Butch Goncharoff spoke about today.

“This is a special bunch.  I think we have 5 Division 1 athletes on this upcoming team.  Maybe more.  And there is just not enough good things I can say about all of  the kids,”  said the Coach after we spoke about his 2013 stud D-Tackle Darien Freeman who is still looking for the right home for next season.

Before the Vandals offer and the Haehl response tonight I wanted to point out in my original story theme  that he is a 3.97 student and that he just finished basketball season as a starting 2 guard. Despite having a 16-10 season Tim feels the team was capable of a lot more.  Maybe next year.

In 2012 he had 4 Picks with two of those coming in the second win they had over Mt Si; a playoff Victory.    You can see his entire season right here:  Tim Haehl Bellevue HS 2012 HighLights.

Haehl considers his work ethic and his fierceness on the field his major attributes and stated that he and All American Top 75 star Budda Baker push each other to see who can work out harder and be first t the gym.  Something in a the way of a friendly competition.

On the recruiting front Tim is relying on his coaches and his brother Rusty for input.  The older Haehl boy just finished his career at EWU and had quite a run there in Cheney.

“Rusty has two State Championship Rings.  I have three.  But you know what he has a Huge National Championship ring from when EWU won the National Title.  And I want one,” Haehl said laughing.  “My brother has me relaxed and focused on what I need to do.  He has stressed getting in front of the schools and meeting the coaches too.  His experiences have helped me and the family went through the recruiting stuff already.  So that is a huge help.

Tim also has a twin brother Eric who is an “Amazing Lacrosse player” and who he feels will go on to do great things in life.

“I am blessed with family and friends and a great team,” he concluded.

Tim Haehl is going places and this Vandals offer is an indication of just that fact.  More to come on this top prospect from Bellevue.

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