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Today Pray For 3 – Pray For Football

Today Pray For 3 – Pray For Football

All of you that read my work by now should know that I work in the Traumatic Brain Injury and concussion arena quite extensively.  Through several football caused deaths and life altering injuries to our local athletes I have been forever changed.  Football is in trouble and it is not a small little thing that will go away.  By the time the new Will Smith movie Concussion comes out the 2015 High School season will be one of the deadliest years on record despite many changes to the game.  People- I beg of you pray and wake up.


3 Boys Down in one week- Washington High School Football and All of them at Harborview-  All Neck and Brain Trauma-  All in Serious to Crtical Shape!  Help!!!!


EDITORS NOTE-  AS WE FINISH A LONG DAY WE FOUND OUT THAT ADNA QB DAVID YOUNG is in the Hospital next to Kenny Bui –  David Young left the game last Friday hurt- He is now in Harborview with a Broken Neck and will have surgery tomorrow.  We must now ask that you Pray for 3.

David Young  Junior Adna HS Football

David Young is known as “d” at Adna High School in Washington. He is the 3rd football player to fall on the field and be hospitalized in one weekend in Washington. We ask you to #PrayFor3 – Pick from David Young’s Fb Wall


Picture Courtesy of Highline Pirate Wrestling by Isabel - Facebook

Picture Courtesy of Highline Pirate Wrestling by Isabel – Facebook

Pray for Football to survive.

Friday Night in Burien, Washington Evergreen High School Senior Wide Receiver/ Defensive Back Kenny Bui, #11, was hurt and is in a severe medical condition.  No one knows yet what the injury is but the film below shows Kenny going in fast for a tackle delivering a blow and it appears his head snaps back and he is bent backwards – the running back he is hitting coming down on top of him.   The film shows the Running Back lowering his shoulders and delivering a vicious blow to Bui at the point of impact.  Kenny Bui is in critical condition – both boys were playing their hearts out and doing what they were Coached to do.

Watch Kenny Deliver this blow in slow motion and the injury he receives. This was earlier in the game – Bui was hurt later in the game reportedly.


Now at Harborview Medical Center fighting for his Life Kenny Bui is only a few feet from Ramon Angel Oros of Pateros High School.  Ramon went down 1 week ago and suffered from what is known as Second Impact Syndrome.  He was playing while concussed in a previous game and was fighting through headaches but played for his team anyway.  This lead to a massive Brain bleed and a craniectomy (Skull removal) to relieve the pressure and save his life.  Ramon is fighting through paralysis and a myriad of other health issues and will be in Harborview for a month or more.

On September 19th of this Season Ben Hamm died in Bartlesville, Oklahoma from injuries sustained in a game September 11th, 2015.  He suffered the same injury Ramon did.

New Jersey fans are mourning the death of Warren Hills Regional quarterback Evan Murray who died this year also.

On September 4th, 2014 in Franklin Parrish (Winnsboro, La.) player Tyrell Cameron died  in a Sept. 4 game in Louisiana from injuries he sustained in a game.

This past Friday I was at a game and had the opportunity to watch the brain injury and concussion dilemma and how this plays out.  A linemen stood on one foot with his eyes closed wobbling and fell back.  He tried the other foot as the Trainer and her aide tested him.  No luck.  They applied the full battery of SCAT Tests to determine if the player had a concussion.  For me it was clear that he did.  As the Tests went on Mom showed up at the sideline and began to insist that she take her son to the doctor.  The player responded “No Mom I am not going to a Doctor” etc.

Mom insisted but the player was not having it.  Now the trainers continued evaluations for maybe another 15 minutes.  He showed signs of dizziness and loss of balance clearly.  He continued the exchange with his Mom and promised her that no matter what he was not going to let his Coach put him back in the game.  He did not go back in.


The boys are at War out there.  They will not come out if you beg them to.  The Coaches are 100% focused on winning the games and rarely turn to see what is going on with injured players unless asked.  The trainers are in an impossible position.  And all the while a kids head can be leaking blood or openly bleeding inside the brain.  The only thing any of us can do at that point is take the side of caution and transport an athlete to the hospital for evaluation immediatley.  These more traumatic head injuries require action within a few minutes or it is too late-  all of this adds up to a big problem for the game of football.

The boys still play with plastic helmets despite the fact we have Kevlar and other products that can better protect the Brain.  Kids are bigger faster and stronger and dish out G forces far beyond anything we ever dreamed they could.  And more of and more of them are playing football year around adding additional exposures into the mix which add up over time.  We can get rid of kick offs which is being discussed, limit contact to 90 minutes a week which many States are doing, teach safer tackling techniques, and pay big money for helmet sensors and all and still we are loosing the game.

These recent deaths and the back to back injuries here in Washington are perhaps a last warning shot aimed squarely at the NFL and the NFHS and USA Football.  The lawyers are moving in – lawsuits are mounting in almost every State in the Nation.  Football participation is down and it is highly likely that a sports caused brain injury may not be covered under major medical insurance in the future.

Several High School boards have cancelled football all together.  More then anything else the Insurance companies are beginning to ask themselves the big question.  Why cover a sport that has so much exposure?

Pray my friends.  Pray for Kenny and Ramon and all the other boys that have passed away and their families and communities.  And close your eyes and pray we find a way to save the game that we all love so dearly.

You can find my work on Concussions at – we are trying to help and have done so since 2009.

I’m heading to Seattle.

Editors Note- More News from Last Friday- David Young was injured on the field- he is at Harborview with a Broken Neck- He is we believe from Adna High School.

PRAY- Now we Pray for 3-  TWEET OUT OR FB #PRAYFOR3

I am the Founder of the Northwest Prep Report. For 17 years I have led the way to the best of my ability to promote the best talent from the Pacific NW free of charge. It is my pleasure to continue to serve High School athletes from all over the Pacific NW and beyond. Formerly with my sites have now crossed over 8,000 stories, 7 MILLION Video Views, and 15,000 regular followers. Together with the best football people in the USA we pursue excellence for our NW athletes.

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  1. Mark elswick

    November 29, 2015 at 10:28 pm

    Could you please email me so I can ask a couple of brain injury-related questions?

    • Dirk Knudsen

      November 29, 2015 at 10:35 pm

      Yes Mark- I will do that tonight- stand by-


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