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Trey Lowe Jesuit Football 550


Trey Lowe Rising To 5 Star Status

Trey Lowe Rising To 5 Star Status

Trey Lowe was expected to break out this year big time; but no one expected this.  What the brother of Oregon Duck great Keanon Lowe has done in his first 3 weeks has been beyond jaw dropping.  In fact I do not remember anyone, save Thomas Tyner of Aloha HS, doing what Lowe is doing.

Trey Lowe Jesuit Football 550

In this past Friday’s 69-13 win over Liberty the Jesuit Crusaders Junior running back went berserk.  In the first half Lowe had 358 yards and 7 TD’s.    This was one of the best single game performances we have ever seen and it is not a fluke.  The two way star has already had two big games coming into this one.

Trey entered the game with 586 yards on 39 carries with 12 rushing touchdowns in his first two games.

In three games he had posted 944 yards and 19 TD’s and he appears to be just getting warmed up.  Wow!

The Liberty performance was something special but the Falcons have just moved up to 6 A and have not seen a team like Jesuit before; hell very few have.

That performance was no fluke.  The kid is really just that good.  More impressive then the Liberty game was Lowe’s work against Rival powerhouse and oft Nationally ranked Central Catholic in week 2.  At the Holy War battle Trey went off for 358 yards and 7 TD’s.  Multiple D1 players were on the field in that game and the kid was unstoppable.

Lowe at 5’10” and 180 lbs. is explosive.  Many believe him to be a slot back or wide receiver at the next level but just as many if not more see him as a corner back.  We have to wonder however where he will end up.  He might be the perfect Pro-Set tailback in the West and can certainly play in the open field out of a spread.

Trey Lowe Rising To 5 Star Status

In a power offense like the one the Crusaders run Lowe has a great opportunity to run behind and between his linemen.  The massive group that Jesuit fields on the OL includes 4 Star Tackle Jaxson Kirkland who is committed to UCLA are a special bunch.

Trevor Pixley, Travis Spreen, and Jarred and Joel Daul join the 6’7″ – 310 lb. Kirkland to form an elite big group rarely seen in High School.  With this wall up front Lowe can run like this all season as the Crusaders enter the Metro League part of their schedule.

Could he be a big time Running Back?  You bet. In fact in a recent story at the Bleacher Report it was a stated fact that the perfect size for an NFL running back is 5’10”.    Weight is a matter of opinion but 205 to 215 pounds is the sweet spot.  Could he be that guy?  Well time will tell.  One thing is for sure he is a young man that can be used all over the football field.

Trey is a 3 star right recruit now on who does the best job overall on rating High School talent.  With offers in hand from OSU and the U of O it appears he is close to a 4 Star bump.  While a 5th star is rarely awarded we see that in Trey’s future should he continue this onslaught.  There is no reason that his name will not be brought up for All American discussions.  All he has to do is continue on this path.

Watch Trey Lowe go off for 7 TD’s in one half of football provided by the great folks at UTR NW!

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