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Think about all the time and work it takes to become a collegiate recruit in football.  For every 100 kids trying to making maybe 1 does.  It takes thousands of hours of non-stop work outs and commitment to the body and to the game not including school and the personal sacrifice is enormous.  When they finally do get letters top recruits are just getting started.  From the letters stage when a coach or recruiter sends that first hello to an offer absolutely everything has to fall into place.  And it has to be perfect.

NWPR Football Recruiting Advice

3 Tests Top Football Recruits Must Pass To Gain and Offer

Grades?  Well they better be right on the money and the athlete had better have his NCAA Clearinghouse papers in the works or this will stop the entire process.

Film?  It has to be concise and very good and it better show an athlete big enough and good enough to play with the best.  It is a given that College Football players are the most freakish of athletes in almost all cases.

Skill?  Yep- you better be a great positional technician to move ahead.

If you are lucky enough to have passed all 3 of the tests above you are going to get letters and phone calls.  Maybe you will be invited to a Junior Day or a Game. Then things might go quite for a while.  During this phase a lot is happening on the colleges end.  One of the main things is that the school goes into a research and monitoring phase.  Believe it or not they will track on a daily basis the Prospective Student Athlete (PSA)  online at every conceivable site and it is not even that hard for them to do this.  They have services they hire and there are often more then one staff dedicated to only this aspect of the process.  They are looking for guys who are an online prince or an online disaster.  This is where they decide who has character and who does not…who can lead and who can not.  Who is foolish and likely to party and make racial or inflammatory or overtly sexual statements – and who is not.  You PSA’s- All You Boys- they are watching all of you.


Consider this photo below submitted by Coach Anthony Jordan- this is an actual recruit tracker from an SMU Coach showing 1 athlete that is committed to SMU and they are still tracking him to see if they are going to stick with their Offer- they do this with guys who have verbally accepted and those they are considering offering.

SMU Football Twitter Report

Here is a SMU Football Twitter Report- monitoring the athletes Twitter Posts.

We caught up with Head Portland State University Coach Bruce Barnum as the team traveled today heading to Cal-Poly for a big game and had a heart to heart on this issue.

“It’s huge!  At the point we decide to “Go Heavy” on a guy and really get after recruiting we lock this in.  I have 3 guys on staff right now that handle all of this.  These guys live in that world and they are experts at all Social Media and all of that far beyond my abilities,” said Barnum. “We have a report we get from a link off the CIA website that gives us everything on a kid.  Everything! And we use all this information to make decisions.”

Now came the question about what Barnum would do if he had a 5 Star recruit that PSU wanted but the athlete had some unsavory things on the report obtained by the Vikings.

“I am going to grill that guy on everything.  We are not pulling any punches at all and it’s all going to be laid on the table.  How they respond will determine what we do in the end,” he said.  “The thing is Dirk we have so many kids that want to play college football for us but they have to be a good fit.  I am not taking a chance on a risky kid when we do not need to.  Take this amazing team we have; there are High Character guys all over the roster and they are playing and winning.  We are so lucky that someone did my job for me and made these guys into terrific young men!  Character matters- it is huge!”

You do not have to look far to find stories if big time coaches getting rid of athletes and pulling their offers when their Social Media presence gets out of hand.  While we only hear a few of the actual stories hundreds of kids are paying the price and as analysts we talk about this everywhere we go. In 2012 the story of Yuri Wright became public and we mention this guy as an example of what can happen.  Wright was kicked out of Don Bosco Prep football team for sexually and racially explicit tweets and he lost his Scholarship to Michigan as a result.  Yuri was a 2012 US Army All American as well and a Rivals and Scout Top 100 I believe.  He ended up at Colorado but is struggling to contribute in a meaningful way it appears.

We did our own stud of our NW Guys.  Here are the actual results of 1 Idaho, 2 Oregon, and 2 Washington Top 100 recruits and all have star ratings.  We looked at the last 5 Tweets.  They did amazing going 25 of 25 for a perfect score.  These are polished Top Recruits and have a spotless record on further review.  Way to go guys!  Now if we look at the guys who are not in the Top 100 we might find a different result.

[table id=15 /]

Now be Careful out there boys cause these schools and coaches are watching instagram, Tumblr, and now they can watch your SnapChat!  Oh Boy things are about to get real….

This is all part of our continuing series on recruiting and how to win the recruiting game if you are a High School Football Prospect.



I am the Founder of the Northwest Prep Report. For 17 years I have led the way to the best of my ability to promote the best talent from the Pacific NW free of charge. It is my pleasure to continue to serve High School athletes from all over the Pacific NW and beyond. Formerly with my sites have now crossed over 8,000 stories, 7 MILLION Video Views, and 15,000 regular followers. Together with the best football people in the USA we pursue excellence for our NW athletes.

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