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Top O’Linemen For 2013 Added To Prospect Watch List

The Tight Ends In Washington for the class of 2013 is looking better then most years. This is and awesome group led by Danny Mattingly.

Top O’Linemen For 2013 Added To Prospect Watch List


     Today continue the process of revamping our 2013 prospect watch lists as we are into Spring.  It will take a few days to complete all the analysis and do it the right way which means careful considerations have to be made as to the athletes size, accomplishments, stats, and athletic ability to project to the next level.

     Tight Ends are always in short supply in the Nation.  At least big mobile agile types.  Last year we has 2 or 3 of the Best Tight Ends in the Region all of whom went on to Division 1 schools (Caleb Smith- OSU, Andrew Price- UNLV, Eric Lemke-Idaho).  This year is potnetially going to be even a bigger group of true fast big men.  Now as we have stated before we work hard on film and analysis on all of this and we can miss.  So use the contact information at the bottom of the screen to get us your submissions for consideration!

There is a rough order to this.  We do not believe kids can be reduced to a Number.  Who is to say who is #1 and who is #100.  Not us.  After all these are High School Kids and we realize after thes emany years they evolve daily.  So do not assume placement on the list is meant to rate the kids in any particular order.

This Week we will take these lists and at NO COST to the kids or parents we send them to 1300 Head Coaches.  That is every level of college and University that exists.  This is done to help the kids of the Pacific Northwest but equally important it is an attempt to keep parents from feeling the pressure to higher a recruiting service.  Something our staff and those around us remain adamantly opposed to after seeing the pitfalls of all of that in these past several years.



Name and Info Film and Comments
Top Quarterbacks Here are the top performers from last year who we have watched film of and seen play.  They have the size, the speed, and the proven track record to move on to the next level.  This is by no means a final list.  We will update this monthly and welcome your submissions if we overlooked anyone.  This is only partly about the stats…please keep that in mind as we view this through the eyes of our trained recruiting staff in terms of how these athletes project; the same method collegiate coaches use.
Max Browne; Skyline 6'5", 210 Pounds, Pro Style QB

The main question is where will Max go?  That may not be resolved for some time.  He is sitting at about 10 offers and that does not appear to be stopping anytime soon.  Top QB on the West Coast!  4.034 yards and 45 TDs in 2011 do not lie.  The kid is a major talent and was rated a 5 Star and #8 in the Top 100 released 2/8/12

Kolney Cassell, Eisenhower, 6'2", 205 Pounds;

Kolney had a HUGE 2011 season and is ever bit the athlete Brown is.  2700 yards and 28 Td's in a great year where he played only 8 games.  He led the State with 300 yards passing per game he played!  He plays east of the Mountains which is a decided disadvantage but is a rising recruit being watched by several majors.  A 3 star and Honorable Mention at the AA Combine.  Top Notch D-1 Kid!

Isaac Dotson, Newport, 6'3", 210 pounds, Dual Threat Quartervback

800 tards rushing with 12 TD's and 1300 passing with 12 more.  The kid is a star.  He is an excellent option style or spread Qb as he is a threat to run anytime.  The most athletic QB is a top rated bunch.  He also won Honarable Mention at the Arrmy AA Combine.  D-1 Kid all the way.

Sefo Liufau, Bellermine Prep, 6'4", 220 Pounds, 3.7 GPA Dueal Threat

A blend of all of the above.  Sefo had a Huge season going 11-1 ; 23 TD's Through the air and 8 on the ground.  A kid this size rarely can move like this.  He also won honorable mention at the QB spot.  Also A D-1 Caliber athlete who is a difference maker.

Billy Green, Kings, 6'2", 188 Pounds,

Billy put up 2300 yards and 38 Tds last season for Kings and he can run around as well.  He may be a small school kid but he has big time talent no doubt.  We like this kids arm strength and Football IQ too!

Matt Stuart, Lindbergh, 6'5", 235 Pounds, Pro Style Matt is the biggest QB in the Region and he has the skill set to be very good.  In fact because he is not playing on a loaded team he is having to work harder then most guys.  He has an absolute Cannon for an Arm.  We like him as a QB and he no doubt can play elsewhere on the field if he wants to.
Domenic Rockey, Auburn Mountainview, 6'2", 195 Pounds,

Rockey is a very good athlete and put up 2200 yards and 16 TD's too.  He is set to have a good Senior year and is working hard in the off season.  A solid QB.

Josh Kraght, Lynden, 5'10", 180 Pounds

Kraght is a multi-position kid and while his future may be as a DB or Slot/WR he was one of the best in the State at the QB position and could certainly play into college. He had 2300 yards, 26 TD's and only 5 picks and a QB rating of 130.  That is efficient enough to get our attention.  He alos ran for 600 yards and aother 16 Td's and he won another State Title.  So this kid is big time.

Chris Brown, Bonney Lake HS, 5'11.5", 160 pounds

Ok Chris may not be the biggest guy but he is a Gamer.  We love that about him.  He put up 2912 yards, threw 34 TD's, and had 8 picks.  His completion rate can be improved but he is defintiely a guy to watch out for and we feel he can play collegiate ball in a year where the top guys are crowding the discussion.

Bennett Gibson, Mount Vernon, 6'2", 210 Pounds Bennett Had a terrific year throwing for almost 3,000 yards.  He had 14 TD's and 11 picks but overall did a tremendous job of leading his team to a successful season.  He has room to improve but seems to be tracking well into 2012.
Justin Peterson, QB, 6'1", 180 Pounds

1200 yards and 12 TD's through the air and 700 + yards and 18 Td's on the ground.  A nice seaosn leading Lakewood into the play offs.  Good skill set moving into 2012

Ryan Fassler, Prosser,

2500 yards passing, 28 TD's, and led his team to the Semi Finals.  Could be another Kellen Moore?  Hmmmm.  Gotta watch that Prosser program!

Rhys Gervais, Puyallup,  6'3", 195 Pounds

Rhys is a solid prospect.  A smart kid who is on the rise and a coaches kid.  Gervais is a great name to have in football around Washington!  We like his chances.

Wide Receivers Here are the top performers from last year who we have watched film of and seen play.  They have the size, the speed, and the proven track record to move on to the next level.  This is by no means a final list.  We will update this monthly and welcome your submissions if we overlooked anyone.  This is only partly about the stats…please keep that in mind as we view this through the eyes of our trained recruiting staff in terms of how these athletes project; the same method collegiate coaches use.
Sammie Long, Lakes High School. 6'4", 195 Pounds

A big mobile agile target who has good hands and excellent speed.  He has an offer from U of W who love this big target!  He has a bright future at the WR slot.

Calvin Chandler, Bellermine Prep, 6'2", 210 Pounds

Chandler is a two way star.  705 yards and 18TD's on Offense and 130 tackles on defense.  Calvin has great size and speed and we have him going to the D-1 Level.

Marquin Russell, Lakes HS, 6'0", 185 pounds

Russell is so fast.  One of the fastest in the region and he is long too.  Lakes is not a pass happy offense but he managed to make the most of things catching a majoritty of the balls thrown to him and averaging 32 yards per catch which included an average of 15.5 Yards After catch.

Victor Gamboa, 5'11", 185 Pounds, Washington HS

Victor was an Offensive League MVP and is a oure athlete.  Great speed andhands.  He had 12 TD's, 1100 yards, and 20 yard per catch average.  He could really be something special.

Zach Vis, Lynden, 6'3", 180 pounds

Zach had 1445 yards receiving and 14 td's.  His size and obvious skill appears to be a compelete package.  His film upon careful review confrims a solid prospect.  Led the Ragion.

Michael Tate, Federal Way, 6'1", 180 Pounds

Tate showed out last season and in the camp circuit. The kid is a major talent and can get open as he creates seperation. Had a great performance at the Army Combine and should be a guy who can attract collegiate talent.

Reiley Henderson, Shyview, 5'10 ", 175 Pounds

900 yards and 9 Td's to lead Skyview to the final game.  Very fast and decpetive with terrific hands!

Trey Handy, Nooksack Valley, 5'10", 165 Pounds

Led the State for Juniors in Yards with 1,180 yards; had 12 TD's and averaged 19.37 yards per catch.  Trey may be a small school guy but his talent is Big Time.

Nic Sblendorio, 6'0", 190 Pounds

A 4.55 40 time and 3.94 20 yard shuttle; a 2 way starter for 2 years in a row. 10 picks on D.  The kid is a player.

Trevor Barney, Skyline, 5'9", 168 Pounds

A big part of the success last year at Skyline;   10 Td's on the season.  He had 55 Catches on a great year.  Good speed.  Great route running.

Forrest Russell, Skyview, 5'7", 150 pounds

Forrest had 800 yards and 7 Tds and is a spectacuklar route runner.  He understands space and finds seams and holes in the zones.  Tough kid.

Danny Raap, Prosser, 6'2", 185 Pounds

800 yards, 13 Tds, a big fast kid with great hands and the ability to deliver after the catch!

Kaleb Zahnow, Bonney Lake, 6'0", 185 pounds

Kaleb caught 83 passes for 900 yards, and 11 TD's.  He has a great Qb and is happy to catch all he is thrown.

Matt Sinatro, Skyline, 5'10", 160 pounds

Work Horse kid who got open and caught 39 oasses for 550 yards.  A role player who proved against the best he can get open.

Caleb Taylor, Kings, 6'1", 180 Pounds

961 yards, 19 TD's, and 15.5 yards per catch.  If his speed is established he can go far!

Karson Kuehner, Life Christian, 6'3", 180 Pounds

BIg target.  Small school.  We have seen him in action and he is a good kid with top caliber skills.  He will be a quality player for someone.

Michael Carlson, Bellevue, 6'2", 195 pounds

One of the top 2-3 Safeties in the Region but a threat at the WR slot and it would be wrong to mention his skills in this category.  A pure athlete who is Pac 12 bound in our estimation.

Brandon Stott, Lakewood, 5'10", 180 Pounds

Brandon is a talent.  He is now closing in on 2,000 career receiving yards and runs thr ball as well.  Runs from the backfield too.  He is a collegiate talent at some level.

Devin Bryant,Auburn Mountain View 5'9", 165 pounds

Nice speed and the potential is there.  He has good hands and this could be his year!

Reuben Mwehla, Bellevue, 5'11", 180 Pounds Reuben is a guy who plays both ways and can run from the backfiueld, slot, or as a WR.  He is someone to watch this season at Bellevue where he stands out as a pure athlete.
Aaron Wilks, Bothell, 6'2", 200 pounds

Big target with big hands that will land somewhere.  2012 should be his shot to show waht he can do after Trent Sewell moves on.

Jared Barry, Bothell, 6'2", 190 Pounds

A big target who is smooth in his routes and makes catching the ball look easy.  A big 2013 could make all the difference for him.

Kamana Adriano,  5'9", 170 Pounds, Interlake

The rising athlete has played a number of positions but s expected to start as an impact athletes and wide receiver this year.  Great referrals on this kid and Coaches like Steve Gervais who loves his skill set.

Running Backs

Here are the top performers from last year who we have watched film of and seen play.  They have the size, the speed, and the proven track record to move on to the next level.  This is by no means a final list.  We will update this monthly and welcome your submissions if we overlooked anyone.  This is only partly about the stats…please keep that in mind as we view this through the eyes of our trained recruiting staff in terms of how these athletes project; the same method collegiate coaches use.

THE RUNNING BACK SPOT is a really tough spot to be recruited at.  This is the one spot where true top end speed seems to be the #1 aspect and those who have it get recruited regardless of yardage to the higehst levels.  That would mean a 4.4 range laser time 40.  Having said that this is agreat group of guys this season.  Many of these players will project better to the other side of the ball but they have sure earned the right to be on this list.  Again if we left anyone off we ask you submit that information to us on the bottom of the form.

Myles Jack, Bellevue,  6'2", 215 Pounds

Myles is a big powerful kid.  6'2:, 215 pounds.  He was a key part of the Bellevue running game and while he will most likely play defense at the next level as a FB or TB in a pro style offense he is an alluring prospect.  UCLA, Washington, Virginia, and Stanford have all offered him.  Utah, OSU, Cal, Have too!  A top recruit for the Evergreen State!

Tere Calloway, Seattle Prep, 6'0", 197 Pounds

A two way stud that blew up the Offense-Defense Bowl and The Junior Ranks Combine,  He might best fit on Defense as a Safety but eanred the right to be here as a Top RB as well.  4 Touches in the National Jr. Bowl he cranked 117 yds and 2 TD's.  He also had 10 tackles and a forced fumble. 1200 yards and 20 TD's last season and an 11 yd average; 96 Tackles on Defense.  Purdue has offered.  More are coming in.

Tatum Taylor,  O'Dea, 5'11", 165 pounds,

Tatum is a two way threat and if he lacks a little in size he will make that all up with speed.  He just set the fasteest 60 Meter time in the Nation and is a true 4.4 40 kid.  So shifty, so fast, and no doubt a legitimate collegiate prospect.

Isaiah Flynn, Bellermine Prep, 5'11",  200 Pounds

In 8 games he ran for 1400 yards and 17 Td's. Helped his team to 11-1 record.  Watching him you get the sense he can break off big runs at will.  A physical gifted kid who is poised for a great 2012 season.

Darrin Laufausa, Juanita,  6'2", 225 Pounds,

Darrin is known for his smooth running style that combines speed and power.  He glides and has real strength as a running back.  Naturally gifted kid put up 830 yards last season and fought through some injuries which kept him out of a few games. A prospect that draws attention and respect both sides of the ball.

Jake Gall, Cle-Elum, 6'0", 209 Pounds,

Jake is a powerhouse kid.  160 tackles with 8 Sacks,  and 2 Picks.  1200 yards and 18 TD's averaging 13 yards per carry;  550 yards receiving and 5 TD's averaging 24 yards per catch.  That and a 100 Sparq score?  Yes.  Jake is college bound.

Mario Gobatto, Blaine, 5'10", 180 Pounds

2669 yards in 10 games and 38 TD's.  He had the top average in the State all year and came within 6 yards of the State Record.  With one year left Gobatto may get hsi shot to break it.  Good athlete with a chance to move on.

Kai Van Sickle, Capital, 6'0", 195 Pounds

2,000 yards, 22 Td's and a guy who earned everything he got.  Another big powerhouse back who is a two way stud.  With a big Senior year and off season he projects into the collegiate ranks we think.

Desmond Young, Edmonds-Woodway, 5'11", 183 Pounds

1,474 yards and 19 Td's made him one of the hot prospects to watch.  First Team All League RB.   With his 4.48 40 and quickness he is showing that he can run with the best of them.

Mo Roberts, Cashmere,  5'9", 175 Pounds

Roberts was up for the Player of the Year.  He got it done all over the field on Offense and Defense as well as special teams.  A Complete athlete who is a game changer anytime he is on the field.  Collegiate talent who will determine his best fit this season.

Johnny Ngyuen, Bellevue, 5'8", 180 Pounds

Another Bellevue kid who with Jack and Morales make it impossible to stop them.  Johnny is heading into the 400 + squat club and 300 bench and us a ouniching and physical runner and blocker too.  In many systems he will have the perfect combination of size and speed.  We love him for any number of options.

Risley Lesko, Mercer Island, 5'10", 170 pounds,

Ok here is a lesser known kid.  But probably not for long.  

Kahlil Dawson, Graham-Kapowsin, 5'9", 170 Pounds

As a slot back or utility back look out.  This kid is on his way to College already as a DB; but effecting the offense at the next level is a distinct possibility.  One of the best two way players in the State!

Remick Kawawaki, Columbia River, 6'2", 210 Pounds

1,000 yard rusher who is an excellent running back but an equally good Safety or OLB.  Great speed, Vision, and a hard runner who is tought o bring down.

Danny Wilson, Bothell, 6', 185 Pounds

Definitely One of the guys to watch this year at what should be a really good Bothell squad. He has good ability to run inside the tackles and when he breaks to the outside he is gone.  Great top end speed and as a bigger faster kid this year should be electrifying.

Ari Morales, Bellevue, 5'10", 175 Pounds,

Morales is one of the top backs at Bellevue and plays game in and game out against the best of the best!  A small speed back worth a serious look.  Had  great Army Combine and showcased against the best in the Nation.  Two way player and a difference maker at Bellevue; Top 5 team in the Country!

Daniel Watts, Cedar Park Christian, 5'10" 185 Pounds,

Wow.  Here is a small school talent who has the strength and frame as well as balance to go to the next level.  A good review of this film will show coahces a recruitable athlete who rushed for 1600 yards and did it the hard way.  Up the gut!

Jeremiah Mcneal,  Federal Way, 5'9, 170 Pounds McNeal is one of two brothers who are helping the Fed Way Eagles!  This is one explosive kid who is an obvious choice as a corner or maybe a slot but he can do some great things as a TB too!
Giavani Shepard, Meadowdale,5'8", 165 Pounds

Great piece of film on a shifty scat back that is every bit the athlete.  Another great NW athlete who clearly can fit either side of the ball.

Davian Barlow, Mead, 6'1", 180 Pounds

1, 200 yards and 22 TD's last seaosn for the big Junior don't lie.  He is an athlete of note and should be on collegiate watch lists!

Chance Kailua-Fuimaono,  Kentwood, 5'11", 215 Pounds

Try having this guy in you lane as an opposing defender.  The "Polynesian-Powerhouse" is a nightmare to stop.  A kid who was used in many ways but is like having a sledge hammer on the football field.  Impossible pad level to defend with good speed and tremendous balance.  A true Full back who can run with the best of them.

Ramsey Davis, Washington, 5'10", 180 Pounds

Another stud athlete who put up 1360 yards and 16 TD's averaging 10 yards per carry.  System kid? No.  Athlete for sure.

Jimmie Davis, Kentridge, 5'10", 180 Pounds

Jimmie looks good on film and with continued increase in his size and speed this could eb a spot for him at the next level.  He is a lot like Dawson above in that he does it all so well it will really be up to where the best fit is.  We like Jimmie Davis both sides of the ball.

Reece Howard, Liberty Christian, 6'0", 180

No Film:

22 TD's on a nice season with 1350 yards and an 8.5 yard everage.  Keep an eye out on this guy.

Dominic King, Ballard, 6'1", 220 Pounds

A Total beast on film!  Thick and smooth and athletic as heck!  950 yards and 7 Td's and a guy who might be as durable and powerful as we have seen.  Getting hit by this guy has to hurt!

Brent Ryan, Oak Harbor, 6', 220 Pounds

The Bull in this Bunch he is a Monster.  18 Touchdowns 2011 Season, 1,372 Rushing Yards  3A WESCO First Team Fullback:   Kid defines the phrase "Be The Hammer and not the Nail"


Jack Wiker, Sequim, 6'0", 195 Pounds

Not a kid who has great style but 20 TD's as a FB/Wildcat Qb and 1100 yards aa a Junior is sure worth mentioning!  We will keep one eye out over there in Sequim.

Offensive Linemen

Here are the top performers from last year who we have watched film of and seen play.  They have the size, the speed, and the proven track record to move on to the next level.  This is by no means a final list.  We will update this monthly and welcome your submissions if we overlooked anyone.  This is only partly about the stats…please keep that in mind as we view this through the eyes of our trained recruiting staff in terms of how these athletes project; the same method collegiate coaches use.

Can the big men upfront match up to the class of 2012?  That group has three All Americans and 2 of the top 10 in the Nation.  13 linemen signed D-1 offers and they were a historic bunch.  But this group of bigs is shaping up very nicely already so keep and eye on them.

Mason Friedline, Kings, 6'5", 278 Pounds

Center / Guard

Mason may be a small school kid but he has big talent on the field and in the Classroom.  Schools are circling and many are in touch with he and his coach Jim Shapiro.  So we are expecting a great springa nd Summer for the big guy and in touch with him regularly. Notre Dame,  Stanford, Duke, Purdue, The Ivy League, Washington, and a host of others are coming in for transcripts.  A sign offers are close.

Demond Thompson, Kennedy,  6'7", 280 Pounds

(OL) A Rugby player who finished his first full season of football; from Western Samoa and playing at a terrific level.  The ceiling on Thompson is ridiculous.  He is quick and agile and looks like he could hit 315 and not even look heavy in his rangy frame.

We are waiting on his highglights but he is one coaches better track. 

Chase Madsen, Bothell, 6'4", 273 Pounds

Some of the best film we have reviewed.  Chase played for the Blue Train out of a 2 point stance at tackle and that was a good move.  This big man is running up field 15 – 20 yards making everything from chip blocks to pancakes.  He likes to finish.  Seems to enjoy it and that makes coache smile.  He looks lean and super agile in his frame which means he will be a perfect kid for a big time school to pack 25 to 30 pounds of muscle on.  He is below the radar we feel but that won't last.  Great kid.

Jerred Sonneborn, Gonzaga Prep, 6'2", 280

A Center.  All the way.  Rated #3 Long Snapper in the Nation by Chris Rubio; 3 stars.  Good mehcanics with the ball and quick feet.  He is a very stronmg kid who knows hwo to finish blocks and can get to the second level and make that block you need to srping the big play. Schools are calling and appear to be very interested.  Very Good Prospect. Arizona, Arizona State, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Washington State Looking now

Cody O'Connell,  Wenatchee, 6'8", 325 Pounds

Like any true giant he will be judged by his ability to move.  He proved he could do that and is a very good run blocker.  He reminds us of Walker Williams and if he can tranform himself similar to Williams he could end up at Wisconsin too.  His footwork, overall conditioning, and strength will carry him to college as high as he wants to go.  Great kid too.

Jaimie Bryant, Tumwater, 6’6″, 285 Pounds

He had a real great soph year and progressed some last season.  An agile big kid who can do whatever he wants.  This is his year and offseason to shine.  A aerious commitment to weight room and SAQ means success for him.  But we like his chances!

Alex Emanuels, Mercer Island, 6'3", 245 Pounds

Behind every great QB is an often even better Center!  The Mercer Island big man is quick out of the chute after making a crips snap and is a puniching blocker.  He has a High Ceiling and does a great job of blocking man on and up field too.  He will be a leader for his team this year and should be among the top centers in the State!

Titus Makasini, Inglemoor, 6'5", 270 Pounds

No Film

Kingco Linemen of the Year earned him respect and credibility.  Those that have played against his comment as to his physical nature.  He is a very legitimate talent who needs to get in front of college coaches at Summer camps (They all do) but that is bound to happen.

Chris Coffin, Curtis HS,  6'5", 285 Pounds

NO Film

Chris had a great season last year.  He is a mean cat on the field and finished people all year.  Now he is bigger and getting better.  We liked him last season and more so far this year.  Could be a fine pick up as a Guard or D tackle at the next level.

Andrew Basham, Lynnwood, 6'5", 295  Pounds

A big strong kid who clearly belongs in the discussion with the State's best.  His film shows that he needs work on pad lavel and overall mechanics but with good coaching 

Zach Budnick, Curtis, 6'4", 275 Pounds

No Film

Zach is much like Chris Coffin.  Physical, Tough.  And a kid that plays with desire and intent.  He should find a home after High School.  The two team mates remind us of Eldrenkamp and Kneip of Bellevues Championship there this last year.

Kevin Ahrens, Liberty, 6 '4", 265

A really athletic big high school kid.  Had a great season his Junior year and his film has enough quality plays to get coaches fired up. Should be on the right track for a complete Senior year.

Dayne Herron, Oak Harbor, 6'4", 280 Pounds

Great blocker, nice frame.  Blcoks very well and movs well.  A little off seaosn training and a step up in his toughness he will move on!

Dylan Lindsey, Bothell, 6'3", 290 Pounds

Dylan and his team mates Chase will be a terrible twosome to face.  This is a road brader blocker who can blcok down, pull and get to the second level.  He will be a collegian if he continues to work hard.

Leo Pili-Vaka, Ranier Beach, 6'8", 365 Yards

No Film Yet

A true giant.  And he can move too.  A long list of schools are looking at Leo who can hit and can move.  Any kid this size will get some considerations by anyone and Clemson, Dartmouth, Eastern Washington, Nebraska, Oregon, UCLA, Washington, Washington State, Western Oregon are talking to the big man.

Chris Miedema,  Everett, 6'5", 280

We saw Chris last year.  Much like the rest of these guys he simply has it.  Size.  Good agression.  He has things to work on like they all do but is capable of a whole lot of great things in the near future.  

Zach Wallace, Skyview, 6'3", 300 Pounds

No Film

Proven kid who plays at a hig level.  He should improve upon that and be a kid that can help the Storm both sides of the ball.  This will be a good year to track he and his team as they should be loaded once again.

Cody Moorhead, Hazen, 6'3", 245 Pounds

Defensive Player of the year, should have another great year. 3.75 GPA and one tough call.

Tyler Deskins, Kentlake, 6'4", 250 Pounds

Emerging and improving big linemen worth watching.

Joe Douglas, Hanford, 6'3", 245 Pounds

One tough kid.  All League.  One of the top athletes in Eastern Washington.  Probably a d'end or tackle but one fine O linemen too.

O'Ryan Ethington, Lakes, 6'2", 245 Pounds

A college talent with above average skill.  His size will dictate which level he goes but the fact is he is capable fo playing college ball.

David Otte, Lakewood, 6'3", 250 pounds

Super hard worker who is getting bigger and better.  We will keep an eye on David and so should collegiate programs.

McCartney McQuery, Bellermine Prep, 6'2", 305 pounds

No Film

Big kid.  Big potential.  Still waiting to review film.

Danny Mattingly, Mead, 6'4", 225 Pounds

The University of Washington just offered this two way stud and he is going to be one of the very elite kids in the Northwest.  His size, speed, frame, and overall motor make him a top choice as a TE or Outside LB / Walk Up Defensive End.  He is an Imapct recruit with the likes of Boise State, Nebraska, USC, UCLA, ASU and Arizone, Oregon, and Notre Dame hot on his trail!  Just a great hard working kid with genetics to match!

Kyle Self, Peninsula, 6'4", 215 Pounds

Buddy this kid is a fast riser.  He has a very good year and while he did not get the ball that much due to star RB Danny Welstad being the big hammer he is a heck of a talent.  Great hands, fast, and an All League selection in 2010 and 2011.  He will be a collegiate athlete and like Mattingly above is gaining big interest.  Mike Leach is looking at him closely and will Kyle is heading to Junior Day in a few days.  We love his size and frame too.  One to watch as a top recruit moving ahead!

Cole Madison, Kennedy, 6'4", 240 Pounds

No Film Link Yet

Madison is a big powerful kid who has a nice skill set.  We need to see his film but he looked good when we have seen him.  Could be a sleepr pick at the TE spot.

Griffin McClain, Mt. Si HS, 6'4", 250 Pounds

First team all league Tight End we have been trakcing since last season.  He is on a very talented Mt Si team coming into the off season.  We have him as a kid that can play collegiate football.  The level is up to him but he has proven to be an elite guy.

Bryan Carter, O'Dea,  6'4", 230 Pounds

Here is a young guy that people better watch.  He is a rising star and a known entity as a Defensive End.  But his hands and speed as well as his agression as a blocker are going to be put to work on the field this season.  Watch out for big things for sure!


As always our staff is hard pressed to find the best talent in the region but we really try.  We ask that you all join us by sending to us the best candidates you know of and if you feel they can play at the collegiate level an explanation of why.  

Who Did We Miss?  Please send that correspondence to our editor Dirk Knudsen at and he will review film and information on your athlete for additional considerations.

Now we take these lists and at NO COST to the kids or parents we send them to 1300 Head Coaches.  That is every level of college and University that exists.  This is done to help the kids of the Pacific Northwest but equally important it is an attempt to keep parents from feeling the pressure to higher a recruiting service.  Something our staff and those around us remain adamantly opposed to after seeing the pitfalls of all of that in these past several years.

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Tips to help you get recruited

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Overall 2013 Watch List that we have had out which we will update regularly.  This is not the updated version but our previous ranking that we are using with post season reviews to create the new list above.

Get a Free Athlete Web Site from our Partners at  This is a souped up site for athletes and should always be used to replace your facebook page when trying to work with recruiters and collegiate programs. 



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