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Our 400 Pound Monster Running Back Tony Picard Wants you to WATCH his VIDEO and cheer he and his White Swan Cougars On! And we want to help the family of Charles Youvella!


Writing about kids and teams all over the Pacific Northwest has been a real pleasure these past 8 or 9 years.  One thing that I can tell you is that there are great stories in every corner of the country and some of the very best come from far away.  Many of the great stories actually come from way off the Grid.  In the NW that means anything not along I-5 in a Major city.  

Thanks to Academic Sports Development Director and Coach Scott Laigo we were tipped off to the story of 400 pound High School Running back Tony Picard way out in White Swan, Washington.    We got a hold of Cougars Head Coach Andy Bush who was awesome helping on the story and interviewed “Big Tone” as we now know him.  That’s 400 POUND MONSTER RUNNING BACK TONY PICARD!

Many ways to hit this 400 pound- but only one result.  PAIN!

Many ways to hit this 400 pound- but only one result. PAIN!

A few days later his story was released at our blog here and from there the shares went through the roof.  We thought 10,000 shares was an indication of a lot of action.  And it was.  

But tonight the story was shared at Sports Nation on Facebook and their 1.7 Million followers blasted Tony’s story world wide.  And our little site here had over 400,000 visitors within just a few hours!  

Yes we have some ads running with Google.  It brings in pennies.  And wouldn’t you know it we had those ads turned off as we were running some free ads for a friend of NWPR for a camp he is having.  But because all of this happened a lot of attention is coming to Tony and the White Swan Cougars and that is a very good thing.  Tony and I have spoken and he is taking it all in stride.  Such an easy going guy.  The comments coming in are 71% positive.  The other 29% seem to think they need to weigh in on his weight or that “I was a better running back” or “He will never make it in college”.  Really People?

This is about a young man doing what he has been coached to do and what he has been asked to do.  But you hating trolls…oh you brutal Golems of the world… you need to understand this.  He cares not what you say.  None of us who appreciate the human condition and what life is really about care.

In response to you haters Tony has this to offer

“To the people trying to put me down it doesn’t bother me. I could care less about all the negative comments.  I’m just doing what my coach asked me to do so that’s why I’m running the balland playing nose guard…yeah I’m fat but oh well !  I’m doing what I can….I’m doing what I love and that’s playing football..”

Tomorrow White Swan is playing in a Win or Go Home Play-off at their home field against Colfax.  The only team to beat the Cougars this year.  A game that he and his team came back from being down 3 TD’s to almost win.  Tony wants to make it a special Game.  

And after the football related death from Brain Trauma of Hopi High School football player Charles Youvella this past week in Arizona Tony and I want to ask you for your help.   

We have prepared the first film ever released of Tony and because he is 400 pounds we known people are going to want to see it.  PLEASE SHARE THIS ARTICLE AND THE AWESOME FILM BELOW- A large portion of any Ad revenue that comes in will go to Charlie’s Family and the White Swan Football Program as well.

And Boy oh Boy can big Tony make the ground shake!  Marvelous that a big man cane bend and run like that!  We, especially us big folks, are cheering for Tony and the Cougars who are a terrific team and who play Saturday. Good luck against Colfax boys.



“Big Tone” Part 2 Right Here- Even Better Footage

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