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2017 Prospects

6 More Recruits We Think Make The Top 50 For 2017 Rock

6 More Recruits We Think Make The Top 50 For 2017 Rock

Here is our next 6 in our look at the Top 50 prospects of 2017 – the top High School football players from Oregon and Washington.  We touched off a debate as to if this class is the best we have seen in years.  Some agree and other pundits are not so sure.  One thing that seems clear is that the big men of the offensive and defensive line are certainly among the best and deepest group we have seen in a long time.

Let’s have a look at Group 3 of our Top 50

– 6 more of the best High School football recruits that Northwest Prep Report is covering this season.


Demetrius Douglas 2

Demetrius Douglas – Jesuit HS (OR) 5’11” – 170 DB

Arguably one of the best cover corners in the West.  Now at 13 offers led by Oregon and Oregon State. Douglas is fast and a technician and has that X Factor all the great ones have.  Fun to watch and he understands what it takes to be a Champion after he helped lead his team to the promised land last year; 14-0 and a State Title.



Ben Moos 1

Ben Moos – 6’4″- 245 lbs – Pullman HS (WA)  – TE

Ben is a beast of a kid with great hands and nice routes.  He has offers from ASU and WSU and  handful of other D1 schools.  Out of Pullman the Moos name is synonymous with WSU and Football.  Will the hometown talent stay home or move on?  He is good enough to play with the best of the best!


Quazzel White 550 1

Quazzel White – 6’5″- 295 lbs – Lincoln High (WA) – OL/DL

Massive.  That is Quazzel White.  He can move too and that makes him a serious recruit.  He has a Michael Oher type frame and is powerful.  This year he transforms his body into a D1 dandy and joins this inpressive list of premier NW linemen in the Class of 2017.  Has offers and more are coming in!


Cade Otton 1

Cade Otton- Tumwater HS (WA)  6’5″- 218 lbs Tight End

Cade is now on 8 offers and those include Nebraska and a host of other D1’s.  The Pac 12’s are moving in.  He is a big agile TE for today’s brand of college ball that every major schools should be attracted too.  Next to Hunter Bryant and Ben Moos this is the Dude in this years group of Tight Ends.

Tucker Rovig

Tucker Rovig – Mountain View HS QB (IDAHO) – 6’5″- 210 lbs

Tucker has 3 stars by a couple of rating services and is coming back as the 1st team all State QB after going 11-1 and bombing for 2500 yards and 22 TD’s last year.  A big pro-style kid from Idaho leading his State!



Alec Kuzmack

Alec Kuzmack – Eagle HS (IDAHO) – 6’6″- 290 lbs

Maybe Idaho’s top recruit this season- we were not going to not mention our brothers in the Gem State!  The kid can move and he can hit and that is why Boise State and WSU have offers on him!  Watch this big kid move and finish right here- 


Let’s have a look at Group 2 of our Top 50

– 6 more of the best High School football recruits that Northwest Prep Report is covering this season.

Connor Neville Wilsonville

Connor Neville – 6’2″- 195 lbs – Wilsonville (OR)

Neville might as well be called Johnny Football because everything about him screams college QB.  He has gained a ton of press over the past 3 years and holds 3 offers; perhaps the best QB in the NW.  WSU and Boise State have offered him and more appear to be close.

Connor Wedington Sumner HIgh School

Connor Wedington – Sumner High School (WA) – 5’11”- 195 lbs – 

The “Total Package” – this guy has it all.  His recruiting started to really blow up and then the speedster landed his dream offer from the UW and the Dawgs landed the kid many believe to be the game breaker in this years class.  He is lightning in a bottle for sure!

David Morris 23

David Morris – 6’3″- 210 lbs – Sherwood High School (OR)

What he is will be known to all soon.  A Myles Jack sort of a two way threat who bounces between offense and defense for the Bowmen.  David holds several offers and is gaining interest.  He is a Pac 12 guy all the way and can project to the OLB position among others with his combination of speed and power.

03-Alex Forsyth

Alex Forsyth- West Linn HS (OR) – 6’4″- 290 lbs

One of the fastest rising and most deserving big men in the Nation.  Alex is a technician and driven to succeed.  He now holds 13 offers and those include Oregon, OSU, Utah, ASU, and several other D-1 big time schools.  A guard or OT at the next level we believe this young man to be a total Blue Chip recruit!

Dontae Powell

Dontae Powell- 6’6″- 310 lbs – Richland High School (WA)

Is he is the nastiest and strongest linemen East of the Cascade Mountains?  Yes.  No question.  His skill is not in question.  Offers have come in and he holds several including some Pac 12.  A good Spring could only push him up the ranks.  He is not a secret- the Tri Cities is well known for putting out top prospects and he is one for 2017.

Cody Kanouse Linemen

Cody Kanouse of Peninsula HS has a special brand of intensity

Cody Kanouse – Peninsula HS (WA)  6’7″- 295 lbs 

One of the biggest baddest dudes West of the Mississippi.  Along with Sarrel, Bainavalu, Powell, and Forsyth he comprises one of the best groups of Offensive Linemen we have ever seen come out in 1 year.  He holds offers from WSU and ISU and Cody is just getting started!


Pacific NW Prep Football Class Of 2017 One Of The Best In Years

2017 Prospects Out Of the Pac NW –

Top 50 for 2017 – Group 1

Foster Sarrell Looks Amazing!

Foster Sarrell- 6’6″- 310 lbs – Graham-Kapowsin (WA) 5 STARS

20 Majors to his name the young man has all the markings of a First Round draft pick and we have not even seen his best football.  That is still ahead of him.  He is rated #1 in the Nation for Offensive Tackles and #5 in the entire Class by and Rivals has him nearly as high.  Alabama, Oregon, USC, UW, Notre Dame and a long list of suitors are on him.  His massive proportions and can manhandle all in his path.  He has a lot of room to improve and that is what impresses me most.  A great kid he is bound for good things and leads this entire class.

Elijah Molden 550

Elijah Molden – 5’10”- 180 lbs – West Linn High (Oregon) 4 STARS

Oregon’s best athlete and recruit this year is 4 Star recruit Elijah Molden.  We have watched him change the outcome of many games on both offense and defense and there was never ever a question he was the best player on the field.  One of the top handful of corner backs in the US, Molden has both hand full of big time offers with Oregon, ASU, Stanford, Washington and others lining up on him.  Speed and Quickness are his best traits but his football IQ is right there – his pops Alex played for the Duckies and in the NFL.  Mr Football in this class is this guy right here and he is amazing!

Salvon David Ahmed

Salvon David Ahmed – 5’10”- 185 lbs – ATHLETE – Juanita HS (WA) 4 STARS

Salvon has to be close to his 5th star because his 4.44 verified laser 40 make him one of the fastest and most talented 2 way threats in the USA.  We count 15 Majors at this time and there are more coming in.  All the big names want  a piece of this guy who is one of the smoothest and most fluid speedsters we have seen in years.  His future is in him own hands and although UW seems to have an inside track he is doing officials with other big names.  What an amazing talent he is.

Marlon Tuipolutu 3

Marlon Tuipolutu – 6’2″- 285 lbs- Central High School (Oregon) 4 STARS

Marlon is a force and our smaller school kid in this top tier group.  One of the less publicized recruits he might be the best of the bunch.  15 Major colleges and rising have offered him led by Oregon, USC, UCLA, Notre Dame, UW, Michigan and more.  He is a Top 10 rated Defensive Tackle in the US and with good reason.  To date he has proven to be unstoppable and is another high ceiling guy.

Hunter Bryant 550-1

Hunter Bryant- 6’3″- 240 lbs – Eastside Catholic (WA) 4 Stars

Bryant is a beast and as a Tight End with sprinter speed in a defensive ends body he is scary.  Hunter’s hands are so soft and he is so smooth its magical to watch him.  Once he catches the ball it is over-  I have yet to see a corner or safety that can hang with him in space.  He has moved the farthest up the lists the fastest and is now sitting on 8 offers including Auburn, UW, Arizona, and Nebraska.  A top 10 – maybe a top 5 US Tight End this year.  Watch this guy go!

Henry Bainavalu

Henry Bainavalu – 6’6″-305 lbs – Skyline High School (WA) 4 STARS

Henry is a guy we git behind before anyone else and it was not hard to do.  He is tall, super athletic, aggressive, and has long arms.  One of the best guard / tackles in the Nation and now sitting on 13 offers.  All the big boys want a shot at this guy and why not?  He is as smart and talented of a recruit as anyone this season.  We love his toughness and demeanor.  He can go all the way this guy.

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