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A Season To Remember

In 2007 after the playoff run was over at Westview High School where our boys played I had the view of Friday Night Lights after they had gone out.  The haunting looks in the eyes of the boys was something to behold and in the few brief moments we shared there I was moved to write this.  I want to thank all the boys that play and all the coaches that coach.  If you just finished your High School career or know what this feels like please share.  #ASeasonToRemember

A Season to Remember!

After All We Went Through there is no doubt this was a season to remember….

It was a great run and a fun year wasn’t it? 

I stood out by the lot yesterday waited to pick up my son.  I saw many of the Seniors that I had coached when they were young.  Several of them sat on their tail gates after school. 

There “must be practice or something” their eyes told me.  

It has only been a few days and so I don’t think it has really set in 100%.  I know the feeling.

Many of us do because we had that moment.

The moment that you realize that it is all over.  For some they know they will never step foot on a field again.  In fact for most that is true.

For many this season will remain a highlight of their young lives.  A year where many firsts were accomplished.

Where pain and sweat were offered and gladly exchanged for the chance to play the greatest game ever invented.

The bruises, sprains, cuts, pulls, tears, and blood.  None of it would they not endure again if they were offered the chance.

It was a moment where in their eyes I saw all that was good about Sports.

I saw brotherhood and understanding and I saw respect.

I saw something that I shared with my team mates when I was young.  Something that will never fade and can never be taken from them.

I saw something that is bigger than any government, any team, any person.  In their eyes….. I saw love. 

It will be enough to carry most if not all of them forever.

They were and are winners.  

They were lucky to have each other and such great fans and coaches.

As we talked I let some of them know that it was ok.  It was enough.

It was really just awesome! 

Loosing is never easy.  God knows this one was theirs to win.

But it was not meant to be on that night.  The hurt and pain of what was not accomplished and the “what-ifs?” will fade away soon enough.

A year or two from now few of us will even remember that loss.

Those feelings will all be replaced by only the good stuff!

I want to personally thank on behalf of my family and the many Fans the football program all of our boys.  

I want to especially honor this group of Seniors.  

Love of the game of Football

For anyone that shared this moment- of Joy or of sorrow in the same embrace this one is for you!

You were a great example and are leaving behind some big shoes to fill.

You were all just awesome and all you have done will not ever be forgotten.  You all saw the Alumni there.

I bet there were 25 guys on that sideline Friday that came through here before you.

We all hope to see you for years to come down at the Stadium as well.

Some of you may even return to raise your families here.  And if you have little guys I hope that some us Coaches are there to greet them.

You have all held the torch very high and like teams from the past have helped to lay the final building blocks in a foundation that is now prepared to produce great teams and players forever more.

To our coaches I wish to recognize a season that was remarkable.  You again did an excellent job.  This year was something that all the kids told me was “my favorite thing ever”.  Thank you for all you did.  Let’s keep it going next year!

Some of the younger guys told me “we are already planning for next year”.  The team spirit is stronger than ever!

Looking at our youth program and our JV and Frosh teams we can all see that the program is in a great position to continue on.

Way to go guys.  Now let’s keep it going way into the future!

Best wishes;


From Winter:  2007

Your finest moments in life will come and you won't know for sure they happened until after they are gone- those are the ones you will always remember and they will drive you on to be your best self.

Konner Knudsen was injured with a severe concussion in 2008 but came back to finish with his best 2 games before fading away from the game. Your finest moments in life will come and you won’t know for sure they happened until after they are gone- those are the ones you will always remember and they will drive you on to be your best self.


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