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Adam Winterling Receives Offer From Airforce Academy

Adam Winterling Receives Offer From Airforce Academy

The call that just came in was one that we were waiting and hoping for.  The one that tells us that one more of our amazing Oregon Class of 2012 is one his way.  And that folks is exactly what work horse wide receiver Adam Winterling had to say when we picked up.  Just like the fabled Pegasus he now has wings and is about to fly.
Today Adam traveled to Colorado Springs for the Air Force Camp and was ready to show what he could do.  The 6’4″ inch 200 pound WR has transformed himself this Spring adding 20 pounds of muscle and honing his skills. All of that work was meant to be unleashed when he got his first chance.
And that moment came today where he stepped into the fray and took his reps with the Elite wide receivers group.
“We did a combine workout and then some positional drills but it was the 1 on 1 action that I was really looking forward to,” offered Adam.  “I took 4 or 5 reps and felt things were going pretty well.  Then a coach told me to step out and that I was done, that he had seen enough, so you know I was really a little uncertain what was happening.”
But the uncertainty did not last long because he was then asked to accompany Coach Bill Price up to the the Eisenhower Golf Course.  Once there the Air Force Wide Receivers Coach told him he was being offered a full ride to the Air Force Academy.
“I was so happy. We went down to the base and I met with Head Coach Troy Calhoun and one other recruit in a private meeting and he showed us a power-point about Air Force and we had a great talk.  This is just such a terrific development for me,” he said.
Now Adam is a team first guy.  His entire off season 7 day a week journey has been to make him self into the best asset he can be for the Jesuit Crusaders.  He says that this offer and anything else that comes his way is all a by product of that goal and the work he has put in to realize it.
Next Up for Adam?
“I on on the road to Colorado and will be there for Camp tomorrow and then stay one more day for an elite receivers camp.  After that it is on to UCLA for the receivers camp and then I wrap it all up at Stanford at their camp,” he concluded.  “But there is one more thing I am ready to accomplish during this trip.”
Today he earned his wings as a top flight recruit and from the Air Force Academy Falcons no less.  But before this trip is over he will really earn his wings.


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