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Asan Neil-Evergin Commits To Eagles

Asan Neil-Evergin who plays for Timberline High School has pledged himself to the Eastern Washington Eagles. He will make his home for the 4 years after his High School years are over up in Cheney, Washington and play for Coach Beau Baldwin.

Asan Neil-Evergin Commits To Eagles

One of the most complete athletes in the Class of 2014 from Washington is off the board today.  Asan Neil-Evergin who plays for Timberline High School has pledged himself to the Eastern Washington Eagles.  He will make his home for the 4 years after his High School years are over up in Cheney, Washington and play for Coach Beau Baldwin.

Asan neil-Evergin had his career end in High School due to an Injury but is committed to EWU now.

Asan Neil-Evergin had his career end in High School due to an Injury but is committed to EWU now.

“It’s official.  I confirmed it yesterday with Coach and he was really happy as am I and my whole family,” said Asan who just returned home from the hospital after staying a few days due to an injury he received last week.  “Coach called last week after I was hurt to check on me and we talked about me committing and all of that.  This is a great fit for me and my family and I could not be happier.”

The injury ended up being a lacerated spleen which could have been pretty serious and can be life threatening.  Asan had become sick before the game started last week in warm ups and asked for water.  After a few more plays he became dizzy and it was clear something was wrong.  He was taken to the hospital and scans showed the laceration and internal bleeding.  He was stabilized and monitored for a few days and once medical staff concluded the internal bleeding had completely stopped he was allowed to return home.

“I will be ok.  It will take a couple of months or maybe more for the injury to heal up 100% so I am not allowed to play anymore for my team,” said Asan understandable down but trying to look at the end of his High School Career philosophically.  “I will of course be there for the team as a leader but I will not be able to suit up and be on the field competing with them anymore.”

We laughed as he said he would be the cameraman or carry water if Coach wanted him too.  He plans to study the coaching and inner working of the offense and defense and increase his football IQ on offense and defense as well as lead the team from the sidelines.

“I was told that I will project on defense at corner and on offense in the slot as a back and I am fine playing either at EWU.  Believe me as soon as I can I will be training as much as ever and I plan to be as good as I can be when I get there.”

The kid is a phenomenal athlete and seeing his physique one immediately understands the level of work he puts in.  He has been on our recruiting watch lists for 2 seasons as a top 2 way star, is a Nike Camp MVP, and attended the Army All American Combine this past January in San Antonio, Texas.

Coach Eric Jackson who has a thriving academic recruiting service here in the NW has worked with Asan and his family on insuring his grades and transcripts were all solid and just mentoring him through the process.

Asan is a great athlete but what made him standout was the fact he made himself available by working out at camps (Nike, NWEFC), The Elite 11, and showed and showcased his skills for college coaches so they had the opportunity to coach him. Asan and his family also benefited from coach j, academic coach  by understanding having an academic advocate who has been a college coach.  I really gave them an infinite amount of knowledge and prepared them for the school and recruiting calendar,” offered Jackson who charges about $500 total.  “This is what the service is about; jump starting the conversation about athletes academics then seeing it through to achieve their goals.”

In fact Beau Baldwin saw Asan work out at the Cole Morgan and Eddie Behringer led Northwest Elite Football Camp June 7th at Mercer Island High School.  That camp featured over 120 college coaches and Asan was a top performer and of course stood out.  His recruitment with EWU took off from there.  As we have said over and over it is not how many camps you attend it is which camps and putting yourself always in a position to be seen by the College Coaches first and foremost.

Jackson, who coached 28 years in the D-1 ranks before setting up this service, added, “The other thing I would add is that Asan understood the amount of work and commitment it was going to take to achieve his goal, it wasn’t lip service. He was ready and had intention every time we spoke.”

We will miss seeing Asan tearing it up all over the field again this year at Timberline and it is always tough to see the Boys of Fall end their careers; especially on terms less then ideal.  But this young man is going to move on to play Saturdays and that makes us warm and fuzzy inside.

Great job Asan.  You are a shining star and we appreciated the many stories and conversations we have shared.  Continue to stay in touch as our readers will always be here to support you and all the kids of the NW.

More to follow.

I am the Founder of the Northwest Prep Report. For 17 years I have led the way to the best of my ability to promote the best talent from the Pacific NW free of charge. It is my pleasure to continue to serve High School athletes from all over the Pacific NW and beyond. Formerly with my sites have now crossed over 8,000 stories, 7 MILLION Video Views, and 15,000 regular followers. Together with the best football people in the USA we pursue excellence for our NW athletes.

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  1. Marcus Battles

    October 3, 2013 at 2:59 pm

    Sir, you have become very hypocritical. You always talk about people taking money from these student-athletes, yet you promote Mr. Jackson and his service. You say you do not have an agenda, but one has to wonder if you are getting kick back from any of these camps for which you promote.

    • northwestprepreport

      October 3, 2013 at 3:36 pm


      First of all as far as I can see your a fake person as this email account The only person who ever accused me of being a hypocrite in those terms was someone affiliated with a local web site- camp and combine crew – and $4000 a year service. I assume your in that group or in some other group that does not appreciate someone watching out for what is happening?

      I have never maintained that 100% of all services that take money for services are bad. I have insisted that people get a criminal background check on who they work with, that people have all fees in writing up front, and that people be monitored and held accountable for what they say and provide. Eric Jackson is #1 providing a very valuable academic service with his core focus on making sure kids make it. His fee for a whole year is about $500 and I know he has helped several kids pro bono.

      His service is unique- is proven- and his resume at or above anyone else I have seen-

      \”Coaching Resume:
      University of Cincinnati, Cornell University, Alma College, University of Idaho, Cal Poly University, Ithaca College, Princeton University, Portland State University.
      NFL Minority Fellowships:
      Detroit Lions, Carolina Panthers
      NCAA Expert Coaches Academy
      Princeton Football Women\’s Clinic for Breast Cancer 2001-2009
      Self Management Program, with Dr. Colette Frayne 1995-1997\”

      \”Coach J has an extraordinary graduation rate 98% of his student athletes. A winning percentage like that comes from mentoring before as well as during the college years, building and maintaining relationships with every student-athlete. Identifying goals, listening to dreams, and helping them to achieve, and hopefully exceed those goals by being supportive and having a plan.\”

      He spells out on his website exactly what he gives the clients and is complete in his disclosures. He I know offers ti release unhappy people as well.

      To your point on money- The answer is Eric offered me $50 a kid I refer or more if I wanted and I declined. I declined the same sort of financial payment from 3 other services and I have declined being paid by people who asked me to take money for articles to be written, or film, and for influencing Coaches.

      I have been very fortunate in life to have been raised poor and plan to die poor- Money is great and I made over $250,000 a year for over a decade and consistently continue to support a large family and several charities with the money I still make in Real Estate- But my friend money does not last- relationships and good will do.

      There are others I refer out for camps, for training, for film, and for recruiting help. They all know my positions and respect them and we all have an understanding of where things are at.

      If you are a real person and want to honestly debate this come forward. This High School football thing is a Sewer and I will be damned if I am going to be a part of the problem; rather I am working for change, regulation, and to help kids and High School Coaches maintain a great experience.

      Maybe you should focus more in that then making false claims.

      Regards Marcus Battles– Using the name of a young Football player who was murdered in Cold Blood in Florida in 2006 is sad and just shows the darkness that seems to have crept over you- so sad.

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