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Big Bertha Play At Scappoose Works To Perfection In Ultimate Jumbo Package

Big Bertha Play At Scappoose Works To Perfection In Ultimate Jumbo Package

Brad McKedy is a coach at Scappoose High School and just sent me a diagram of a play they ran last week.  I was super intrigued after his son Thomas McKedy (2020- 6’5″- 300 lbs) tweeted a play that the team ran on Senior Night in which the skill guys became the linemen and the linemen went into the backfield.  The special play which they have in their arsenal is designed to put all the bigs with the ball and lead blocking upfield, and to give the smaller guys a taste of the trenches.

Scapoose Linemen Thomas McKedy turned QB orchestrated the Big Bertha to perfection! What a thing of beauty!

The play is called the Big Bertha and for good reason!

On Senior Night McKedy slid back to the QB spot and called the Big Bertha, Variation 1 against the 3-4 defense they were facing.  With 3 mega jumbo backs lined up behind McKedy, they ran the play to perfection to their tackle.  The blocking required the Center to block down, the right guard to release upfield and the backs all went over the Center and Right guard.  The blocking was done to perfection and the tackle turned tailback blew through the hole and ran 80 yards to pay dirt.  I can not see his number so I am not certain of his name but the fact is this was every linemens dream and it has me wondering if a mega jumbo play like this should not be required at least once a quarter.  It was just that fun!

God Bless these kids and their coaches and God Bless Big Bertha-

Watch the play below and the screenshots of the play.  Coach also sent me the names of the now legends who ran this play.  This is just too good not to share!


LE-Jese Blundell
LG-Jackson Lehman
C-Ryan Lamma
RG-Cutter Sandstrom
RT-Bobby Vanek
RT2-Bobby Guajardo
TE-Tyler Holcomb
FB-Jerico Archer-Starting C
FB2-Slater Smiens-Starting LB
TB-Blake Carlascio-Starting T
QB-Tommy McKedy-Starting LG-4yr Starter
Upon further review it appears to be Tackle Blake Carlascio who was at Tail Back who scores the TD.

-Big Bertha Unveiled-

Come on coaches- let’s put the fun back into football, shall we?  How about you all add a Big Bertha, which is a version of the Michigan “Slice” Play, to your playbooks?  I think going into the playoffs this is a great package and we all know linemen deserve this opportunity and their time has come.  I am dead serious.  #GoBigOrGoHome – #BigBerthaForTheWin
Thanks to Coach for sending the play in and for Tommy, who by the way has a Linfield offer and is one hell of a lineman, for posting the video!

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