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Caleb Smith of Kentridge Adds 6 Offers to Get to 9

Caleb Smith of Kentridge Adds 6 Offers to Get to 9

The hottest guy the last 2 weeks in the Pacific Northwest has been Kentridge Tight End Caleb Smith. It seems like things really came to a head this past week as he added some nice offers including Oregon State. But today was an even bigger day potentially as his in State school threw their name into the hat and made the 6’7″ target a scholarship bid.

Today the Washington Huskies decided they had seen all they needed to see. He has continued to impress everyone who has seen him at the 7 on 7 Passing league tournaments with his speed and agility. Combine that with 240 pounds of muscle and bone and you have a winning formula.

How did the Huskies make their move?

“Coach Cox left a message and had me call him after school Wednesday and I talked to him for a while and he let me know that they really want me at UW and they think I’m their man at Tight End,” which was nice he said. “After a few minutes he put me on the phone with Coach Sark and he offered me a scholarship.”

Being from Seattle we could not help but wonder if Smith has been waiting for this one all along.

The Senior to be said, “The Husky offer feels great, it’s a home town offer so it’s good to get recognition from a school close to home that is also steadily rising to greatness. I think this offer is a little more special, because it’s such a great school and also has the type of offense that I want to be a part of. That will definitely influence my decision.”

But is this it or will he look harder at the others who have offered like OSU, WSU, Idaho, Purdue, and UNLV?

“I’m going down to Oregon State to attend their elite camp and meet up with their coaches and get to know the staff a lot better. Sunday I have the NFTC down at University of Oregon so we will see how all of that goes,” he stated.

Smith had recently said that his time frame for making a decision was likely going to be after the season. But he sure seems like a very settled guy who might like to get it out of the way. So we concluded by asking him his thoughts about all of that.


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