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Cameron McCormick Of Summit HS ” Passes Go”

Cam McCormick of Bend, Oregon is a 2016 Football Recruit with Offers from Arizona and BSU already!

Cameron McCormick Of Summit HS ” Passes Go”

We all know the game of Monopoly- you know- the Board game?  Well if you do not know it get it and play it because it is as American as football and pumpkin pie.  In that legendary game a player can struggle for a long time just to get around the dang board and “Pass Go” which means you are on to the next round.  That event is sort of a sigh of relief when you do it because you get a little financial reward and move on to the next round of play.

Monopoly is a game.  So is Collegiate Football Recruiting!

For our high school athletes and their Coaches and Families they are trying to keep all the balls in the air and make it past go- to get to the next round.  If we thought of passing the “Go” point as a point in the recruiting game where things open up and get a bit easier – let’s say after your first college offer- then one young man from Summit High School in bend has past it early.  Let’s say he was rolling sixes and is moving fast.

Cam McCormick of Summit HS Football

Camero McCormick is 6’5″- 225 lbs and the Junior out of Summit HS in Bend is FAST!


Cam McCormick is a Junior Tight End for the Storm.  He also plays Outside Linebacker and Defensive End  too.  He is 6’5″- and about 225 lbs.  He is agile, explosive, and most of all Fast!  Like 11.35 100 Meter fast which if you know anything about track know that is a great time; a time so fast we normally only see the classic sprinter (6’0″- 190 lbs) running it.

Cam has proven his speed on the Track and on the football field.  He is Coached by NFL standout Tight End Kevin Boss (NYG) and his offensive coach is NFL legend Drew Bledsoe.  Both coach there at Summit.

So the young man has a big fast frame, great coaches, and has major talents.

We watched his film and if you are smart and looking for a big fast body (that reminds us of Mead High School All American Danny Mattingly- now of Oregon) you want to watch this.  His FILM IS HERE! 

The 3 sport phenom is still growing and learning the game.  What he displays now is not anywhere near where he can and will be capable of next year and into college.  What we see is a fierce kid with great hands and a nose for the ball on both sides.

His work at defensive end is just as good or better as his tight end skills where he produced 491 yards and 8 TD’s on 35 catches.  The other alluring aspect is that in college he can appeal to teams as an H-Back, a Tight End, an OLB, a DE, and I dare say if he fills out he could be a big time Guard or Tackle.

These sort of kids lead recruiting because to a college they are like having an extra Queen in a chess game.  They can move all over.

Now on to this “Passes Go” claim I made.

You see folks he may play in a far away place off the main grid but his name is out there now and Arizona saw his film and offered him already.  So has Boise State.  And many others are now gathering up to make their move.  He is poised to be a 10 offer kid at this rate.

Arizona, Pac 12 South Champs and “Duck Beaters”, made their move after contacting him via Twitter and developing some communications.   His film made it to the Wildcat coach and he told Cam they would watch it as a staff soon.

“About 2 weeks after they watched it they called and talked to Cam and made him an offer.  That was back in October,” said Cam’s Mom Debbie as we talked by phone.  “The Coach said Cam was a 2 Click Recruit!”

So there he was with no offers and no real options; just a kid playing a game he loved in beautiful Bend in the Fall.  That one phone call changed it all and he “Passed Go”.  He leapt to the top of the recruiting class and into some elite company for the 2016 NW group with offers.  He will have to work as hard as anyone else but can divert a lot of that energy into getting better and talking to fewer schools at higher levels.

“I could not really believe it.  I was speechless really,” Cam said. “I was excited and pumped up and super happy no doubt!”

Then came Boise State a week or two later and now in early December he has daily contacts at times from Oregon State.  He is also hearing regularly from the Ducks, WSU, UW, Colordao and others.

Asked if he had any dream schools he wanted to reach out to and try to be recruited by Cam offered, “No not really.  I am going to see who else is interested for sure but I am wide open!”

Now you should know he lived in Phoenix for 10 years in his formative youth and likes Arizona as State a lot.  Grandma is there and he enjoys the weather.  He is not really a big ASU fan and some of the family likes U of A.  Cam says he likes them both very much but no favorites but smiled when we discussed Arizona as that offer was oh so special!

Mom is ready to help him and says they are just learning as much as they can about the process and taking it one day at a time.  A visit to Arizona will happen in January and he will go from there.  Like most families money issues will limit how many events he goes to and how much travel he does too. Basketball season is gearing up and then it will be Track where he runs the 100 and 4 x 100 relays and does the jumping and throwing events.  This 3 sport grind is what college coaches LOVE and his GPA is a 3.5 which is even more important!

Cam McCormick has the makings of a Blue Chip recruit and the offers to prove it.

We congratulate Cam on all his success and in the hands of those Coaches and with his Mom at his side he is in great shape and has already made it to where most kids strive to get but never do.

He has already passed go!


We give back 25% to the school or team of your choosing!  503-799-8383 Cell.  For 30 Years he has been a top Agent and a supporter of High school athletes and their families.  Call Dirk Knudsen for Oregon Residential and Commercial Real Estate Brokerage.

We give back 25% to the school or team of your choosing! 503-799-8383 Cell. For 30 Years he has been a top Agent and a supporter of High school athletes and their families. Call Dirk Knudsen for Oregon Residential and Commercial Real Estate Brokerage.

I am the Founder of the Northwest Prep Report. For 17 years I have led the way to the best of my ability to promote the best talent from the Pacific NW free of charge. It is my pleasure to continue to serve High School athletes from all over the Pacific NW and beyond. Formerly with my sites have now crossed over 8,000 stories, 7 MILLION Video Views, and 15,000 regular followers. Together with the best football people in the USA we pursue excellence for our NW athletes.

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