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What Can Football Recruits Do Now To Gain Attention Of A School And Grab An Offer?

What Can Football Recruits Do Now To Gain Attention Of A School And Grab An Offer?

Editors Note- Published in 2010 and revised: The questions come at me the same every year at this time.  Only a few games left in the High School season and many hopeful recruits find themselves without great options and many have had little if any interest.  Offers have been scarce since the offseason and the same handful of top names keep grabbing all the headlines.  This can be a frustrating and daunting time to be a High School Senior who has given every Summer and Fall to the game of Football with the hope that the end of the road would not be that last High School game.

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Reality Check and Perspective  For most High School football players the end of the line is staring them right in the face and is just ahead.  A Majority- over 95% statistically- will never play the game again.  The thing to do now is to savor every last play and tick of that clock.  These final games, big hits, break away plays, and the fields and fans will represent the best memories these boys will ever have.  I suggest locking them in for the long run.  Parents get pictures and film for your guys  – this is their time now.  Enjoy it, fellas!  Be there for each other.

For Those Still Pushing To Move On:  For those top tier guys still going for it there are some weeks left to make it happen.  For some perspective on this, we turned to 30 Year recruiting veteran and College Coach Eric Jackson.

“Things are hot right now Dirk. It depends, and kids have to understand that the NW and West in particular is a Pac 12 dominated scene. So it looks like nothing is going on recruiting wise ( because all of those schools are set w/ commitments or getting them). The Mountain West, Big Sky, etc are offering but it’s also a wait and see period for them.”

Coach what can these recruits do?

“So the things kids need to do: #1: Go to games, unofficially!!! Every kid gets an invite from schools, 3 free tickets. Go to games, D1, D2, D3 go go go. They need to establish relationships, and it helps when those are in person. Only go to the schools where there is a potential offer or it’s a school you would attend w/ or w/o a scholarship. #2- Communicate w/ the coaches. You call them if they haven’t called you. FB message them, direct message on twitter, etc… #3 Complete your applications for the schools of your choice. Some of these are on the common app others are not, but there is an admissions side to recruiting. #4 Sign up for both the ACT and SAT. It doubles your scores opportunities and you don’t have to wait another two months for the next test. #5 Get your Core GPA calculated if you haven’t already.”

The things he says are right on.   We have stated all of this in the past every year at the site here.  It takes time and work and some expense but there is still time.  

For many of you, the emphasis has been on D1 bigtime schools.  If it has not happened yet the odds are slim to none it will.  Focus on schools that traditionally move into the picture this time of the season.  Some Big Sky schools and Mountain West too.  Mostly the D2- NAIA- and D3 schools and Junior Colleges will be active.  When that happens plenty of schools will have a list of guys that have already been calling and they will go where the love is.

Since this article was written in 2010 it has been updated.  Twitter was not around then.  Neither was HUDL.  Neither were the now thousands of self-professed recruiting experts and services.  Guys this is about YOU!  Don’t give you your right to represent yourself.  You take the time and make the calls and go to the games.  This is your time.  Make it count.

Also, make sure to have your 10 best plays on a short HUDL highlight from this season.  Coaches only have a minute or two.  Your 10 best plays cut short and to the point will make the impression you need to get a closer look.  I hope you take that to heart.   Here is one example

Send us your film- your story- and we will amplify it!



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