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Chase Resch of Wenatchee High An Untapped Resource For Colleges

Chase Resch of Wenatchee High An Untapped Resource For Colleges

Today as the playoffs are all set in the Northwest we turn to Wenatchee, Washington where the Panthers have moved on to Week 2 on their quest to make it to the Tacoma Dome and a chance to play in the 2014 Championships.   One young man that has just had an amazing year following a terrific Junior season is corner back Chase Resch.  The Senior has been a lock down guy all season and commands respect wherever he is; offense or defense.  We saw him live in the off season and know that his abilities are at the very top end of the talent pool out West this year.  His work on special teams and at Running Back have been stellar as well; his 4.5 speed is apparent on every down in his highlight film below.

Chase Resch Of Wenatchee Panther Football

Defensive Corner Back from Wenatchee, Washington Chase Resch is having a terrific football season.

Chase is a Top 5 DB/Athlete in the Washington Recruiting Class of 2015 and we believe he will be at least a Big Sky level scholarship player after careful consideration of the film and live coverage we have on him.

We caught up to Chase for our 2 Minute Drill and his contact info and some perspective on him are included below.    IF YOU ARE AN ATHLETE AND NEED OR WANT COVERAGE FROM NWPR CLICK HERE OR READ AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE!  WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!



School and Class:
  Wenatchee High School, 2015
Phone and EMail
  My mom (best to talk to): 509-421-2151
Me: 509-860-9164
Height – Weight- Speed – Strength
  Height: 5’11” Weight: 170 40 time: 4.56 Bench Press: 215 Squat: 325 Vertical Jump: 32 inches
ON: Is there any recent news on the Collegiate front? Have you been contacted by any schools via phone, em,ail, mail, text, or Facebook etc?
  Idaho, Montana Grizzlies, Eastern, University of Puget Sound and Northern Arizona-No offers yet
ON: How is the Season Going so far for you and the Team?
  The season is going great. Myself and the team are playing some pretty good football right now. We are second in the league in both total offense and defensive yards allowed and put out. I personally am leading the league in interceptions (6) and touchdowns (19). And of course having some of the most fun in the world playing with my team.
What Position(s) are you playing this season?
  Defense: Corner-backOffense: Running-back, Slot receiver and very little outside receiver reps
ON: Are you happy with your progress?
  I am very happy with my progress. I have excelled as an athlete this year because i have been listening to my coaches and putting in the work. I have a great coaching staff to help me and my team to succeed.
On: What is your favorite part of the Football season?
  My favorite part of football season is getting to know kids in the school who i normally wouldn’t talk to. But it turns out that some of them are actually really cool and fun to be around. I also have liked the fact that no one has given up on one another and we are still the same brotherhood as from day 1.
In a year from now what do you want to look back on and remember about this season that is just ahead?
  All of the great friendships that i had created over the past year. I want to remember the impact and legacy that myself along with the rest of the 2015 team is leaving.
Name some guys who you have been impressed with on your team? Any surprises or young guys standing out?
  TJ Harris has showed up this year and he has really been impressing me game in and game out. Also Ben Holmberg Has also stood out along with of course Trey Adams and Cy Sirmon. The youngest guy who really has stood out is our sophomore Tony Esquivel. That sophomore will be doing big things on the field and on the court
ON: Why should a college recruit you when there are so many kids out there? What sets you apart?
  Colleges should recruit me because I am coach-able and i will always listen and critique my play to meet their standards then excel through that standard. I am set apart from the rest of the Recruits out there because i am very easy to get along with and i will always be a good teammate to my team whether they deserve it or not.
Offers of Visitations:


Chase Resch of Wenatchee High An Untapped Resource For Colleges

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