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Cody Shear Joins Growing Class Of Pac 12 Level Oregon 2017 Recruits

Cody Shear Joins Growing Class Of Pac 12 Level Oregon 2017 Recruits

This guy is hot.  We caught some grief from a few nonbelievers for naming him a Top 20 for the Pac NW but tonight Cody Shear is celebrating another Pac 12 offer.  The offer from the WSU Cougars today gives the 6’4″- 285 bruiser from Sheldon High School in Eugene, Oregon a total of 14 offers.  WSU and Arizona have both offered and this makes him one more Oregon 2017 with Pac 12 offers.  His size and ability are leading him forward and being a rising linemen out of the NW puts him in awesome company this year with some big names.

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Cody Shear Joins Growing Class Of Pac 12 Level Oregon 2017 Recruits

We caught up to Cody to discuss this WSU offer and how things are going.

NWPR:  Cody how did the offer happen?

Cody:   I visited WSU earlier this year. During the visit, I was able to meet Coach Mele, Coach Taylor, and Coach McGuire. They gave me a tour of the facilities and talked to me about the football program. I was very impressed with everything that I learned, I really liked the coaches, and I was impressed with the new facilities. Coach McGuire told me that I was on his radar and asked me to help the coaching staff get to know me better. Over the past couple months I have been in communication with all three coaches. All three coaches have been touching base with me and talking with me about my off season workouts. This weekend Coach McGuire and I were messaging each other. Coach said that he had another chance to fully review my tape and he said that I had moved to the top of his board. He told me that I would hear from WSU early this week. I was asked to call Coach Mele today. When I called, I was told by Coach Mele and Coach McGuire that the staff reviewed my video and they wanted me to become a Cougar. (They also told me that Coach Leach loved my tape.)


NWPR: Was this expected?

CODY:   I didn’t necessarily expect an offer from Washington State. I knew that they liked my speed and athleticism. I also knew that WSU is a big time program who recruits nationally, so it was hard to know how high on the board they had me. I had a good feeling from my conversation with Coach McGuire this weekend. I was very excited when Coach Mele asked me to call this morning.


NWPR:  What is going through your mind now that you have two Pac 12’s?  How much do you know about WSU and what are some positives that stand out to you about their program?

I have been excited about the offers that I have received up to this point. I have offers from some really great programs. I have had the good fortune to have 14 different coaching staff’s/teams decide that they are interested in offering me the chance to play college football for their program. To me, that is a big deal. I feel really lucky to have the opportunity to play D1 football. Having a Pac 12 offer from WSU is a big deal for me. WSU is a great program. 9-4 with a bowl win in the Pac 12 is hard to do. My impression of the program is that they expect more in the coming years. The coaching staff is very open about their high goals, it is exciting to be around. WSU as a program has really impressive momentum, the coaching staff really connected with me and the facilities in Pullman are as good or better than any of the other places I have visited.

I am thinking hard about where I should commit to. I am surprised that I have so many great options so early. WSU is a great offer and I am taking it very seriously that they want me to be apart of such a fantastic program!

NWPR:  Cody- great stuff pal!  Let’s keep things rolling ok?

Cody:  For sure! Let me know if you have other questions. Thanks again for all of the coverage that you have given me. I really appreciate it.

NWPR: Your welcome!  

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