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Collin Sather Fits The Bill Of Coaches Dream

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Collin Sather Fits The Bill Of Coaches Dream

By Demian Walter; NWPR Eastside Football Analyst

When I got involved with NWPR one of the main things I wanted to accomplish is to help create additional exposure for high school football players who otherwise may not get the attention. Well, today I found one of my guys.

Collin Sather a 5’ 11” 177lb. class of 2018 WR/DB from West Valley High School in Spokane Valley, WA. had a breakout season as a junior in 2016 and has a lot of intangibles that make it likely that he will have another big-time season in 2017.

Collin was a First Team All-League selection at WR from the Great Northern League last year in his junior season. Collin put up very impressive numbers in 2016, 70 catches for 1,214 yards and 13 TD’s. He also recently was named to the NWPR 2017 Preseason Top 5 Wide Receiver List for Eastern Washington. In addition to his accolades in football, Collin is a standout three sport athlete who also was named All Conference as a junior in both basketball and track and field. In addition to that, there is even more to like about Collin as he holds a cumulative GPA of 3.4 and scored 1050 on the SAT (two-part score).

I truly believe the best endorsement any high school football player can get is from the head coach at his high school. I have personally seen this first hand and I have seen the positive result of it. I want to share what Collin’s high school football coach says about him because it is way, way more important to a college coach what the high school head coach has to say about Collin than what some guy like me has to say.

West Valley HS (Spokane) Head Coach Craig Whitney gave the highest recommendations for Sather, saying, “Collin has a burst of speed that is not measurable.” Coach then followed up by saying, “Collin is faster in football pads than on a track.”

Coach Whitney knows what he is talking about when he speaks about speed for a wide receiver. Coach played Division 1 football as a wide receiver at the University of Montana and he was a coach at Walla Walla Community College back in the early 1990’s where he coached some big-time athletes. Coach Whitney also added, “Collin is a Big Time Playmaker, he is a competitor, he is a GAMER. We played Franklin-Pierce in the playoffs and we saw on film that FPHS had some great athletes with big time speed and we were worried how we would match up with these guys on turf. But as it turned out the one guy on our team who matched them athlete for athlete and speed for speed was Collin. He BROUGHT IT big time in that game and rose up to the higher level of athlete he was facing.”

In that state playoff game that Coach Whitney is referencing, Sather caught five passes for 157 yards with two TD’s of 73 yards and 35 yards, in the 44-41 upset victory on the road over the #6 ranked team in the state. That is

That is as big time a performance as you are going to get from an individual in a winner advance loser go home game. Cream rises to the top!

When I reviewed Collin’s junior season highlight film one thing that jumped off the screen to me was desire!!! See the attached link at bottom of the article for the highlight film, at the 1:55 mark you will see what I mean about his desire as he carries almost the entire opposing team’s defense on his back to get into the end zone. On film, you will see a WR that attacks the ball in the air with tenacity and once he gets the ball in his hands he demonstrates on film the burst of game speed to break away from the defender and turn a simply good play into long touchdowns. Bottom line, as a receiver this guy does it all. My final assessment of his film is that I walk away saying to myself, “this guy is a money player.”

Off the field, Collin is completely dedicated to improving himself as a football player in the offseason. He and his teammate and best friend Connor Whitney (I have an article on Connor that just posted on NWPR a few days ago) spent the entire spring months waking up at 4:30a.m. every morning before school to workout with former NFL Tight End Nate Overbay from Complete Athlete Fitness and Performance facility in Spokane, then attend class all day and go to track practice after school as well. Coach Whitney said, “you could really see a noticeable difference of the payoff from those early morning workouts with the outstanding condition that Collin and Connor were in heading into the summer.” With his hard work this offseason, Collin improved his speed as he was timed last week at 4.62 seconds in the 40-yard dash. It is important to mention, that 40 time is ELECTRONIC LASER timing, verified by the West Valley HS Track & Field Head Coach.

While I was impressed with Collin on film for sure, I must say I came away even more impressed with the guy after I spent one on one time talking to him and getting to know him. One topic he and I talked about was the importance of commitment to the team and he said a couple things that I found noteworthy. Collin said, “the most important thing to me is to be a coachable player.” That is an impressive mindset for a 17-year-old. Collin then revealed something to me that made sense based on what I saw on his highlight film, he said, “I want to WIN at all times, I DO NOT ACCEPT LOSING.” I think that is so refreshing to hear. A player with that mindset is a coach’s dream. Losing should hurt, an athlete should never settle and it should be personal even in the one on one individual matchups during a game, any good athlete should want to win all those matchups. That’s where you separate the good players from the great players.

I think that is so refreshing to hear. A player with that mindset is a coach’s dream. Losing should hurt, an athlete should never settle and it should be personal even in the one on one individual matchups during a game, any good athlete should want to win all those matchups. That’s where you separate the good players from the great players.


Recruiting has been quiet so far. The Whitworth University football coaching staff has reached out to Collin. I told Collin not to worry too much about that stuff because for the majority of the high school players in this country it is ALL ABOUT YOUR SENIOR SEASON. Collin has the perfect mentality about recruiting. He is not thinking about college coaches, he said, “I am thinking solely of helping our team win games and being a leader for this team and improving myself as a player every week. The other stuff will all work itself out the way it is supposed to.” This young guy Collin, he gets it.

I think that Collin is going to make a college coaching staff so very happy that they got him to come play for them and that he didn’t slip through the cracks. This kid is golden! I have coached many young men in football over the years and the mental makeup of Collin Sather is honestly as rock solid as you will find. I am all in on this kid. I can’t wait to see the type of season Collin puts up this year. I wish Collin and his family a senior season full of great memories.

Here is a link to the hudl highlight film for Collin Sather:

I am the Founder of the Northwest Prep Report. For 17 years I have led the way to the best of my ability to promote the best talent from the Pacific NW free of charge. It is my pleasure to continue to serve High School athletes from all over the Pacific NW and beyond. Formerly with my sites have now crossed over 8,000 stories, 7 MILLION Video Views, and 15,000 regular followers. Together with the best football people in the USA we pursue excellence for our NW athletes.

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1 Comment

  1. Pia Culp

    August 18, 2017 at 1:50 pm

    Such an amazing write up for an amazing athlete. We are so proid to know Collin and his family.

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