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Defensive Linemen Stand Out Report

Defensive Linemen Stand Out Report

The Defensive group at the RDAF camp was a terrific bunch of athletes as well.  Once again we saw some new faces and we saw the repeated dominance of a few guys that have put their brand on the 2015 off season.  All of the colleges in attendance were making notes and had a field day watching this special group get work in.  This is how things broke down in Bellevue as the College showcase progressed through Session 1; linemen and specialists.

Stand Out Defensive Linemen- 2015 Rough Diamonds College Football Showcase

Omar Dyles Bellevue

Omar Dyles – 2016 – Bellvue HS- 6’1″- 265 lbs-  Film

No one has stopped Dyles in any rep that I have seen this year.  His first step is too fast and his hands too violent.  When the pads go on it is only tougher on Offensive Linemen.  Omar is a great athlete and no doubt will find a home after HS; possible at one of the fine schools that were in the house at the showcase.

Ali Gaye

Ali Gaye – 2017- Edmonds-Woodway (WA) – 6’5″- 228 lbs – FILM

The surprise of the Camp was Ali Gaye.  In he walks and all heads turn.  The lanky and yet powerful long armed talent showcased great feet and coordination.  In this frame is the makings of a big time athlete.  His arms are his best weapon right now as they are so long offensive linemen can not get to his chest where they can lock him up.  An aggressive linemen that loves offense he has he frame of a Pac 12 Offensive Tackle.  Like many big kids he is finding his way – at this camp he shined and no doubt he has a chance to do a long way into college football.


Benicio Madrigal-Ries- 2016-  Arlington (WA) -5’11”- 245 lbs – Film

The best pure technician in the NW right now at the DT position.  No one has stopped him and Beni has shown over and over he has a place at the table of the best in the Region- his stature is the only reason why he is not a 30 offer kid- we see him playing at a school where he can be an All American – the level is irrelevant.  You are getting character and leadership on top of it all- awesome recruit!

Zarykk Davis

Zarykk Davis – 2017 – Scappoose HS- 6’3″-235 lbs – Film

This season we know this young man will post film that will have ever major college heading down Highway 30 to Scappoose, Oregon to see him play.  “Boogie” as he is some times called can get it all done on the field.  A speed rush Defensive End reminiscent of Owamagbe Odhigizuwa from David Douglas (New York Giants Via UCLA).  Zarykk is a kid you could play at either linebacker spot too.  In terms of explosiveness and just pure ability to move in space he is the man.  We are so excited to see him take off on the recruiting front.  Schools should be first and not last on this kid!

Tiano Tialavea

Tiano Tialavea- 2016 – O’Dea High School – 6’4″- 335 lbs – Film

Tiano has MVP’d several camps and this one is no different.  For a kid this size he can fly- his goal is to come into the season at 325 ish and he is the D-linemen in the NW this season with size to plug two gaps and give a college a non-stop rusher.  Tiano is fierce and while his main move is a Bull Rush his skills are improving- when faced with the biggest baddest O-linemen this is the guy your going to want in the trenches rep after rep!  A true college talent no doubt.

Amir Matheney

Amir Matheney – 2017 – Olympia HS – 6’2″- 287 lbs – Film

Amir broke out at the NW Stars Camp in February and impressed us again at this Camp.  He is tough as nails and looked solid in all the drills and 1-1’s.  With 2 seasons left in HS he has a chance to settle in and enhance his skills and become one of the best in the Region.  At this point he has proven he has what it takes to move on and will be a top Defensive linemen on our lists.

Tre Neal

Tre Neal – 2016 – Hermiston HS (OR) – 6’3″- 250 lbs – Film

This was the second camp we have seen Tre at and he did not disappoint- solid camp for him.  He explodes off the ball very well and has a great whistle to whistle motor.  He will power the Bulldogs into another great 2015 season and we think some early season highlights will help him as he plays off the I-5 Grid and schools are just starting to pick up on him!

Jeremy Johnson

Jeremy Johnson – 2016- Sehome HS- 6’3″- 240 lbs – Film

Jeremy came into camp fired up!  His energy and eagerness to learn and work impressed me the most.  He is fluid and moves naturally- very good athlete with a high motor.  He took some good reps and had some great moments in the 1-1 battles against much bigger athletes- again early season film will aide him in his quest; he certainly can move on to college and be a force!

Alex Yockey

Alex Yockey – 2016 – Newport HS (WA) – 6’2″- 245 lbs – Film

Alex was one of the hardest workers at camp and looked solid in everything he did.  Not the biggest kid but he is solid and according to him he plays LB and O line and RB and can do it all.  We saw all of that.  Coaches at the camp showed interest in him and with good reason.  He was not intimidated by anyone and took as many reps as he could!

Avyion Fisher

Avyion Fisher – 2016- Bethel (WA) – 6’2″- 250 lbs – Film

Fisher had a nice camp.  He moves well, competes hard, and has quick feet.  Opponents will know he is on the field and best not let their guards down or this guy will wreck their evening.  Again a kid that showcased nice size and ability all camp long that we will be looking for more on.

Carter McKaughan

Carter McKaughan – 2016 – Lakeside HS (WA) – 6’3″- 250 lbs – Film

Carter showed some great fire at camp- one of the lesser known kids he was wise to make it to this one.  The coaches enjoyed working with him and he has the size and ability to move on into the next level.

There were more worthy linemen to mention- but this is the group for today we want to identify for our readers and Coaches to follow.

Check below for film of the Linemen 1-1’s and keep checking Back with us daily for more coverage



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