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Dylan Porter A D1 Talent Still Looking

Dylan Porter A D1 Talent Still Looking

It is a week past signing day and pretty much all the best have signed and moved on.  With the exception of Luke Wilson of Churchill HS who is holding out weighing all of his accumulating options it seemed like we were done.

dylan porter elmira

Wrong.  There are dozens of recruits signed up for the NW Stars Camp on Feb 18th in Seattle we expect to gain some offers and attention.  That showcase has college coaches coming out and in its 3rd year is a proven place for late offers and the hungry athlete to meet.

Dylan Porter of Elmira HS in Oregon is one of the few D1 level bodies left unsigned and his film and his ability deserve considerable attention.  We have known about Dylan for a while and have mentioned him in recruiting discussions.  Still after watching his most convincing film below we feel we must send this out to all you coaches and programs that are still looking after signing day.

The 6’5″ 290 lb. fast mover is a power house interior offensive linemen and truly could play defense as well.  His feet and leverage angles as well as his use of his upper body show all the signs of a great one.  Add to that the fact he is one of the truly great heavy weight wrestlers in the Pacific NW and you will see for yourself he is the real deal.

Dylan Porter is 1st Team DL and OL for 2017.

Dylan is a terrific kid and a solid recruit and appears to have the entire package for a D1 or D1 AA team.  While he has some options he says he is still considering his future.  He could take any number of Preferred Walk On spots or smaller school offers.  Many schools are probably still trying to make sure their signees are going to qualify-  well here is your guy; at least for now.

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