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Eastern Washington Star Jordan Downing Of Chiawana Readies

Eastern Washington Star Jordan Downing Of Chiawana Readies

In our effort to focus an equal amount of energy finding athletes East of the Cascades we have been taking input and making calls. These kids can be some of the best of the best but finding them out there is not always easy. There are however a few obvious choices who earned their stripes last year and one of the best of that bunch is Jordan Downing.

The two way starter from Chiawana High School is an absolute stud. He is a tireless work horse and in many games he never left the field.

At 6’1″ and 210 pounds he has decent if not imposing size. But what a motor he brings to the field. Opposing teams learned that they have to bring their entire team at him to stop him…and many times they couldn’t.

He ran for 1970 Yards, 30 TD’s, and averaged 7 yards per carry. Pretty amazing stats and he was just a Junior.

But the other thing to know is that he did that as he led his teams in tackles and was All League as a Linebacker. He had 100 tackles, 5 sacks, 3 fumble recoveries, 3 interceptions, and 5 pass breakups to his credit.

The only time he came off the field all season was during some special teams play. That amount of effort is hard to appreciate unless you have done it.

Downing played twice as many plays as most elite Running Backs who tend to specialize. And the two positions he plays are the two that lend themselves to injury the most.

But he is one durable athlete!

“It is a grind but I love it. Sure I wonder what it will be like to play just one side of the ball. I get tired and I get banged up but I am so lucky I have not been injured worse then I have,” said Downing.

The Riverhawks had a perfect season until they ran into Ferris in the final four. The Saxons would win 13-7 but not before Downing and his boys took them to the goal line with time running out.

“We had them deep into their side of the field and we were threatening to score and win it all. But they held us 4 downs in a row down on the goal line and the game ended. It was really hard to loose that way but they outmatched us size wise across the board,” he said.

The Saxons went on to beat Skyline the following week to win it all. Something that made Downing wonder what could have been.

“We had a shot I feel. We played Ferris closer then anyone did all the way down to the final four.”

The 3.5 student just finished another successful season on the hardwoods and is now preparing for football. He hopes to garner some attention for himself and add some size too.

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