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Eastlake Wolves Enjoy Perfect 8-0 Season And Line Leads The Way

Eastlake Wolves Enjoy Perfect 8-0 Season And Line Leads The Way


When a team comes into week 9 at 8-0 and looking to close out the regular season at #1 in the State it can cause people to look for reasons. Reasons why this team has succeeded over all others. And while speed and skill positions steal the headlines we all admit in out moment of truth that the real work is done down in the trenches. The war zone.

In that Battlefield for Eastlake are some real stars. And this group of special linemen are the walls that have built the foundation and bedrock of the perfect season. And if the team is to succeed and defend its #1 4A Washington rating and now #95 Top 100 National Ranking it will have to look to its outstanding line.

They include:

61 JAKE CONROY OL/DE 12 6’3” 230
62 SPENCER PATZMAN OL/DE 11 6’1” 190
64 JOHN HOUSTON RT 11 6’1” 190
65 JAMES BRADLEY DT/OG 12 6’3” 320
70 GINO BRESOLIN LT/DE 12 6’2” 265
71 JACOB CUSACK T/DE 11 6’3” 260
74 IOKEPA HUGHES G/DE/DT 12 6’1” 255
75 CLAY MONAHAN LB/OL 12 6′ 200

It is a terrific group led by the outstanding seniors. They have really set the tone, the expectations, and the overall punishing style of play that has earned the Wolves this so far perfect season.

One of the guys we caught up with on the squad is Senior Center and DT Gino Bresolin who informed us that he has a full ride to play football for Wyoming. Someone the cowboys have been after for some time.

The 6’2″, 270 Pound bruiser is a terrific athlete and has a love of the game and a special way of showing opponents just how much he appreciates them.

On offense he serves up pancakes and on defense a cold platter of tackle-for-loss. The bruiser is just one of the guys getting it done game in and game out.

But is he a top recruit?

“Well I wouldn’t say that I am a top recruit, but I just have a chip on my shoulder because everyone over looks the little guy and I feel like I can compete with the giants,” offered a thoughtful Bresolin.

“I just have to out work them and be stronger so I think that’s probably one thing that has lead to my success.”

His 350 Bench and 465 Squat helps to explain what he is talking about. Along with Iokepa Hughes and Jake Conroy and crew Gino took that chip to the field against Skyline last Friday and walked away winners.

That win was a statement game for the Wolves who look to go to 9-0 this Thursday night in a crossover game against a very tough and alos 8-0 Woodinville squad.

More on that to follow as that is the game of the week. For now it is exciting to see Gino and hopefully the rest of these Wolves get their due.

Running Back/DB Ryan Lewis was just offered by Colorado and other players are getting a closer look. That happens when you win; especially at the level the team plays at with tough teams week in and week out.

What about Wyoming? Where do the Cowboys see the big man fitting in?

“Wyoming offered me as a center, but I have really enjoyed playing defense for my first year (this year). So I would love to play DT in college. So far I have been playing on the offense so I feel more fundamentally sound on offense,” he said. “Wherever I go I am going to contribute every play. You can rest assured of that.”

More to follow on Eastlake and on Gino too. Good luck to them this week.

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