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Elijiah Lugo Premier Prospect

2015 Prospects

Elijiah Lugo & Gavin Crow – Two 2 Watch

Elijiah Lugo & Gavin Crow – Two 2 Watch

The more we see kids the more we get to know them and what they are capable of.  That happened at some winter events for the NWPR staff and camp season is just getting ramped up.  Look for us to report on lots of new faces that we meet and who we feel are worthy of special mention.

Two 2 Watch will be a regular feature here at NWPR and it is as simple as mentioning 2 up and coming kids we want all you coaches and fans alike to read about.  NWPR is a daily stop for many and we want you to know there will always be something new for you here; primarily new talent to recruit and get to know.

Today we feature Elijiah Lugo of Graham-Kapowsin and Gavin Crow of Kamiakin.  Both athletes hail from the Evergreen State and both are going to be able to move on into college and compete.

Lugo is a beast of a kid at 6’4″ and 283 lbs.  His motor is his best asset and there is now way most high school linemen are going to defend him.  We see him on the defensive side of the ball with his grinding mentality and nice use of leverage but like any big man he is capable of being a terrific Guard or Center too.    Deceptively quick in the trenches and a good hand fighter.  Look for Elijiah to be at the NWEFC and RDAF Football showcase camps next month.

Elijiah Lugo Premier Prospect

See Elijiah’s Film, information, and contact #s at our partner site

The next athlete in our Two 2 Watch is Gavin Crow.  We have mentioned Gavin before and it is like this.  If you have the eye for talent, and we know all our readers do, this is the guy that has you saying, “Wow who is that?”.  Gavin is 6’1″ and 195 lbs and as a defensive back has the basics down and then some.  He is a terrific cover-corner and could play safety as well.  He back peddles and reads and reacts to the football and receiver as well as anyone.  He stood out at camps making play after play which made receivers cringe.  He did not win them all but most reps he was the guy. Great spirit and energy, respectful, a leader, and another great kid from out in the Tri-Cities, Washington.

Gavin Crow of Kamiakin

Gavin Crow is one of the best defensive back recruits in the Class of 2016- a true talent and he is featured here.

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