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Evan Voeller Picks Up Major Number 6


February 22, 2012

Dirk Knudsen;
It was just a couple of days ago we reported on Texas A & M Offering West Linn HS Stud Evan Voeller. Now another school wants in!

Well things have really heated up for the young man from West Linn, Oregon. He just received an offer from mighty Texas A & M which is something unheard of for a kid from Oregon. But now there is more news.

The arrival of Head Coach Mike Leach has certainly done one thing. It has changed the perception of the Cougars program. Right or wrong the way the former staff was let go this is a fact.

People perceive Mike Leach as having the X Factor and being able to win. He is also a guy who makes NFL players out of his kids. That is also a fact.

So when he offered big time All American watch list guard-tackle Evan Voeller of West Linn HS some may have assumed it would not have much of an impact. After all Voeller now has 6 major D-1 offers including UCLA, Washington, Purdue, Boise State, and Texas A and M. Pretty big time schools and names on that list.

So can the Cougars have a shot?

"Sure they can. He is a very good coach from what I hear so I need to look closer at them but no one is off my list," said Voeller who spoke to new WSU Offensive Line Coach Clay McGuire about the offer.

He may play guard or tackle there at WSU. Evan said the discussions did not get that far. But Evan has some interest in them.

"I think I need to find out more about the school. But I do think Coach Leach will really help the program," concluded Voeller.

On that issue of Leach we spoke to All American Myles Wade today who has been to linemen camp here in the Pacific Northwest. 

Coincidentally he and Voeller went to camps together when he was in High School and Voeller was in grade school. The two met at Brian Derby's Offensive Line Camps in Portland a few years back.

"Voeller was good then. You could see him getting better with what Coach Derby was showing him," said Wade. "I am not surprised he is gaining interest now."

Now Wade played at Texas Tech and was recruited there by Leach and had nothing but good things to say.

"Mike Leach is a terrific Coach. Some people don't like his methods but you could say that about any Coach. He knows how to run an offense and he knows how to win. I really have nothing but good things to say about Coach Leach who I think can win the Pac 12 in a few years at WSU," concluded Wade who we happened to speak to today as he is readying himself for the NFL Combine in Detroit after a stellar performance in Houston last week.

Back to Voeller. As these schools continue to come in strong on him one of his dream schools are still waiting. The Oregon Ducks. This is qickly becoming one of those cases where the Ducks need to make a move if they really want Voeller. And it is likely they do.

If they wait too much longer it begins to look like the love connection is not as strong and if more SEC schools get involved or Nebraska and the likes of Alabama come along they could lose him. And that would be a sad thing indeed.

Wherever he goes Evan Voeller is going to win people over. He is quiet, tough, hardworking and has above average fundamental skill…

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