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Falcon’s Kaelin Himphill Looking To Change Perception

Falcon’s Kaelin Himphill Looking To Change Perception

The Liberty Falcons of Hillsboro, Oregon enjoy perhaps the premier sports school in Oregon in terms of facilities.  The newest of Hillsboro’s 4 schools lies just North of US 26 and right across from magnificent Hillsboro Stadium.  And while many students enjoy the programs at the small college equivalent the hunger is there in the ranks to do more.  A statement needs to be made according to incoming Senior Linebacker Kaelin Himphill.

Kaeline Himphill

Kaeline Himphill is one of the 3 Horsemen of Liberty ; a group of powerhouse Linebackers all playing for the Falcons this season.


The 6’2″- 205 lb hard hitter has quietly amassed an offer from EWU and others and is well known to those around him.  But like his home school he feels he and the Falcons deserve more respect and is aiming to get it.  This Sunday he will travel to Bellevue, Washington for the Rough Diamonds Athletic Foundation Football Camp and in front of between 30-40 college programs he will attempt to earn more offers and gain more respect.

Along with Devin Thompson  (6’1″- 215 lbs) and Brayden Bafaro (6’2″- 215 lbs) Himphill will be a part of a terrorizing defense that could win it all.

We caught up to the gifted student athlete for a 1-1 interview and to learn a little more about him.  Here is that interview-

NWPR:  Kaeline tell us your height and weight and what sports you are competing in?

6’2 205 pounds I compete in football wrestling and track
NWPR:  So you have an offer for Football? Tell us about that- how did that happen?

A lot of coaches have came through to meet us on campus. The coach met us. Coach Mahlum told me that they’re are only offering one linebacker in the class of 2016 so don’t get my hopes up too much. Then about a week and a half later they called me and my coach and offered me to play for them. Getting the first offer and knowing that my college is going to be paid for really was one of the best days of my life.
NWPR: I bet- So tell us about your style of play and what your known for- what is your strength?

I’m definitely known as a hard hitter and I can lay the wood. My biggest strength is my speed and my nose for the ball
NWPR:  So you have the Class of the Big Sky in EWU that has offered you. What are your goals and aspirations from here on out for college?

EWU is a great school and I can defiantly envision myself playing there. I know I’m still early in the recruiting process but my goal is to hopefully play for a PAC 12 school and represent the NW either at Oregon,OSU, UW, or WSU. This starts with a really good Senior year which I have no doubt will shock a lot of people because of the work I have put in to this game.
NWPR:  What about off the field? Tell us about your academics and other aspects of your life? I mean recruits have to bring so much to the table anymore. Who are you off the field?

My GPA is 3.3 and never fell below a 3.0 in any semester of high school. Education is the most important thing for deciding what college you want to play for. I love helping people off the field I have over 120 hours of community service and help raised awareness and money for the Doernboecher Children hospital. A lot of my classmates tell me that their siblings look up to me and that just makes me really want to be the best role model for them. Give them a path if they want to play college ball that it can be done and accomplish and set there dreams and goals high. Really build the Liberty program up because we’re not know for the best athletics and I hope I and my class change that from now on.
NWPR:  So as a Senior to be what can you do to help Liberty overall and who are some guys we need to be watching out for as the Falcons make this rise?

Winning Liberty’s first championship in football would really help build the program and jump-start it for many more future championships. On defense our 4th linebacker Landerverde; he’s a beast  and he might not get the same attention of us three because of his height but can play ball. Free safety Caden Reed may not be the biggest or fastest but defiantly one of the most natural talented athlete we have. Minoo Ha runs a 4.5 laser so no doubt he’s going to be untouchable at db or running back.  Kaneshiro is our best running back and he’s a returning 1st team and will be in the run for Player Of the Year. Blake Walker is our Qb and if he can lead the offense to a ship no doubt he will be getting tons of recruiting attention. Our secret weapon is going to be wide receiver Mast; he’s a 4 year varsity letter men in basketball and returning varsity starter for football. All of this can’t be done without our line and we really have some beasts on the line; they been working really hard and going to be the best 5 down linemen in the state no doubt!
NWPR: Ok Nice! Kaelin congrats on your Success and we will see you at camp Sunday!

Thank you Mr.Knudsen for all of this. I’m really grateful for this! Happy Father’s Day have a good one!


I am the Founder of the Northwest Prep Report. For 17 years I have led the way to the best of my ability to promote the best talent from the Pacific NW free of charge. It is my pleasure to continue to serve High School athletes from all over the Pacific NW and beyond. Formerly with my sites have now crossed over 8,000 stories, 7 MILLION Video Views, and 15,000 regular followers. Together with the best football people in the USA we pursue excellence for our NW athletes.

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