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2015 Prospects

Football Prospects Guide To Fall Recruiting

BREAKING NEWS – Important Information For Football Recruits Wanting to Succeed This Decemeber and Gain Ground On Recruiting-

Football Prospects Guide To Fall Recruiting

Here is a story all recruits and their parents must read.  This ran last December and we are running it again right now because so many parents and athletes are calling asking about why they don’t have offers or how they can get offers.  The fact is most of these same folks have done very little to engage coaches or schools.  So we are running this story again and we want you all to read this and understand that this is how you can best improve your chances for a late offer.


December will be here in soon.  The phones are ringing and all that is left of the 2015 Northwest Prep Football Season are the playoffs and the Championships.  For all Seniors but the lucky handful playing these next few weeks High School Football is over.    

“What can I do now Coach,” said one top prospect with no offers via Facebook this morning.  “I have no offers and it seems like no one is interested in me.”

This is one of about 30 such messages I have received and responded to this week.   So let me do what I can to reiterate how to go about this “Recruiting” game now that December is here and the lights of Friday Night have gone out for most.    

Dirk Knudsen Recruiting Expert

No one knows it all but we try and keep it all straight.

Do these things to the best of your ability:

1)  FILM-  Take some time and create an Offensive and Defensive Highlight Reel of the best of the best plays you had this season.  If you only had a few put them all on one film.  Make it short, sweet, and put all the best stuff up front.  You have no more then 30 Seconds to make your case.  3 Minutes is about right but give your best stuff up front and make it fast and action packed.

2)  Take Stock-   Who has been in touch?  Write down 1 page in a notebook for each school that has used any method to touch base.  Coaches Name and numbers neatly organized and a mailing and email address too.  if no one has been in touch look to Step 3.

3)  Make a list if schools you like – Now your not going to Oregon if you have not hard from them – I am 99% sure of that.  So let’s be real.  Who do you and your Coaches and friends think you can play for?  What is the best fit?  Go after those schools as fast as you can.  Get to a game or an Unofficial visit as well.  The D3 and NAIA and D2 are in the final weeks and the playoffs will be going strong soon, The D-1 will be wrapping it up the next 2 weeks and some will be heading to playoffs while others get after Bowl preparation.  Also think of all the schools that will not be!  Get names and numbers from their websites or football offices or give us a ring or email and we will show you things to help too.

4) TRANSCRIPT AND TEST TIME-  This is going to make or break a lot of recruits but I believe it is better to know now and adjust your sites then to hope you make it and find out later you can not.  Man up, get your transcripts together and if you need to take the tests get them going now before signing day in Februrary.    This part is complicated now more then ever-  the new NCAA Rules that will really start crunching down on 2016 and 2017 recruits.  Calculate your CORE CREDITS and look at any credit recovery you can do as well.  See the discussion below with a Special NWPR program with Coach Eric Jackson who is going to help this process along for you.

-The Facts About November and December Recruiting-



From our pal Coach Eric Jackson – 2014

Coach what is happening this time of year recruiting wise?

“Things are hot right now Dirk.   It depends, and kids have to understand that the NW and West in particular is a Pac 12 dominated scene.  So it looks like nothing is going on recruiting wise ( because all of those schools are set w/ commitments or getting them).  The Mountain West, Big Sky, etc are offering but it’s also a wait and see period for them.”

Coach what can these recruits do now?

“So the things kids need to do:

#1: Go to games, unofficially!!! Every kid gets an invite from schools, 3 free tickets. Go to games, D1, D2, D3 go go go! They need to establish relationships, and it helps when those are in person. Only go to the schools where there is a potential offer or it’s a school you would attend w/ or w/o a scholarship.

#2- Communicate w/ the coaches. You call them if they haven’t called you. FB message them, direct message on twitter, etc…

#3 Complete your applications for the schools of your choice. Some of these are on the common app others are not, but there is an admissions side to recruiting.

#4 Sign up for both the ACT and SAT.  It doubles your scores opportunities and you don’t have to wait another two months for the next test.

#5 Get your Core GPA calculated if you haven’t already.”



Also- The NCAA CALENDER OPENS UP Late Novemeber –   Checking In With Coach –  

In part 2 of the Plan for DECEMBER we reconnected with Coach Eric Jackson on the Road ahead for the next month.  Listen to Coach Eric Jackson’s perspective on this matter from a 29 year Coaching perspective.


Coach Eric Jackson

Eric Jackson is a 30 year veteran of college coaching and is an Academic expert.


Dirk Knudsen– NWPR-  COACH J the NCAA calender is about to open up on 11-30-14  so would you say kids with no offers should be at Games networking-? Do you expect coaches to be very very active when the 30th hits?

Coach J:  Dirk student athletes should try to take in these last games for unofficial visits. Student athletes should also take in playoff games and Bowl practices when they are open to them. Eastern will be a playoff team, Oregon & Washington & WSU will be bowl teams at this time. If kids want exposure and an opportunity to see what this preparation is like there’s no better time.  

  Coaches have evaluated almost every prospect at this time, they will go on the road when the contact period begins to verify their offered prospects and explore potential new ones for their recruiting boards.

Dirk Knudsen– NWPR –  Coach I know you are the man when it comes to Academics and this area is now the most important area as many Top Players will not get that scholarship because of grades.  This opens the path for 2nd and 3rd tier kids to move up.  Talk to us about the importance of being ready when the Coaches ask for those grades.

Coach J: Right, this is the point.  A prospect can not enter this period knowing nothing about their academics! They must know their NCAA Core GPA and where they fit within the sliding scale. If they do not, it’s worse than not knowing your game plan. You look unprepared and naive with this process of college football recruiting.

Dirk Knudsen –  NWPR-   OK Coach so the key here is for the Recruit / Perspective Student Athelete (PSA) to know their Core GPA, how many credits they have, and how many they need to finish.  Then they need to take their SAT and or ACT score and blend all that Data together to know if they are a qualifier to move on to the NCAA right?  Otherwise they are in the dark and the coaches may drop the recruiting process as a result.

Coach J:  No Question.  We’ve talked and my calculator could be a life saver if kids, parents, and AD’s listen and get in front of this.  

Dirk Knudsen– NWPR-  Coach we ran the story on your Calculator and for those that missed it they can see us talking about it by clicking here.  This tool puts the power in the athletes and parents hands to know.  So we have asked you here at NWPR to help the kids even more then you do and you are agreeing to a special price form now until December 20th, 2014 right?

Coach J:  Yes I have Dirk.  For anyone at any level anywhere in the country that needs our help they can now sign up and get the Academic Calculator for $35 which normally costs $50.  That is a great value as they can use it and update their progress as they earn grades and test scores.  It’s very powerful and it works.

Dirk Knudsen-NWPR-  Thanks Coach that’s awesome.  Your help as always, is a great Voice from inside the Recruiting world that shines light on an area that most kids seem to not get handled as well as they should or could.  Thanks for helping all our NW kids- in fact the kids all over the country who can use that tool.

Coach J-  Thank you Dirk!  It’s always great to hook up and help the kids succeed to their full potential.


Go to  to Get Your Calculator Now

The facts are the facts- this is how it is done.  No one can get you a scholarship but you!

We hope this helps and please share this post with your friends and family!

I am the Founder of the Northwest Prep Report. For 17 years I have led the way to the best of my ability to promote the best talent from the Pacific NW free of charge. It is my pleasure to continue to serve High School athletes from all over the Pacific NW and beyond. Formerly with my sites have now crossed over 8,000 stories, 7 MILLION Video Views, and 15,000 regular followers. Together with the best football people in the USA we pursue excellence for our NW athletes.

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