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Leo Cunningham

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Garfield’s Championship Run Aided By The Ice Man

Garfield’s Championship Run Aided By The Ice Man

Kickers.  Such characters these guys.  And sometimes we give them their due.  Normally we do not- none of us.  Shame on us.

The dagger can be stuck in oh so deep when that leather bullet flies through those goal posts.  We saw it last weekend as the Huskies repelled the Utah Utes going away as their kicker redeemed himself, final score 33-30.

Leo Cunningham

Leo Cunningham of Garfield has been the iceman for the football team here.

At least 20% of all plays have a kick in them – some are routine and others are game-winners and dream wreckers.  One thing is certain when playoff football begins.  Teams with great kickers win and it all but a given that with each game their importance rises.

In the postseason, the Ice Man cometh when these guys do their job.  And it’s an oh so chilly thing.

No kicker in the NW has gained more respect for himself than 5’10”-175 lb. Garfield Junior Leo Cunningham.  Two weeks ago Leo proved the deciding factor nailing a 32-yard field goal for the 44-41 walk-off win over #4 Lincoln.    Garfield’s Tre’Shaun Harrison went off for 286 yards and four touchdowns at his WR spot and even that amazing effort was not enough to beat Lincoln.  It all came down to a kicker.  Leo delivered.

Garfield propelled themselves from that win into the final 8 for the first time since 1977.  Waiting for them was perhaps the State of Washington’s most powerful squad, Eastside Catholic riding a perfect 10-0 record.  After a defensive struggle, the Bulldogs came out a winner- 13 to 10.  Improbable?  Not really.  But without that 3 points, there would be no win.

Now facing Ranier Beach the Bulldogs are one game away from a State Championship appearance at the Tacoma Dome and that will be a first for them.  This game will have the most D-1 Talent perhaps of any game ever played in the Pacific NW and we are intending on being there.

Check Out his Film here.

So will Leo Cunningham.  Will he play the role of the ice-man one more time?  Tune in and find out!

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