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Gustavo Mendez An Old School Bruiser Gaining Attention

Gustavo Mendez An Old School Bruiser Gaining Attention

Quick post tonight- time is a commodity that is in short supply these days with football, family, a new grandson coming, and of course a couple of businesses to run.  None the less here is a 30-second read.

Gustavo Mendez is a Junior at Sunset High School in Beaverton, Oregon.  He is a lineman who plays both ways and he is a great prospect coming up for next seasons class.

He is 6’2″-300 lbs and is incredibly strong.  His punch is very much a top tier skill and he finishes violently.  Against Jesuit last week he was dominating most reps and that is saying something because the Crusader linemen are always legitimate.  Given another year he can move into the D2- D1 AA ranks and beyond.  I have no doubt he will play in college.  Watch that Film here.

He is training with Coach Alex Linnenkohl who runs LinePro Training and Camps.  Right now in the Pacific NW Coach “Linny” as he is known is the best technician teaching out big men.  I assure you that Gustavo can credit his technique to his high school staff and to Linny.

Mendez is a mauler, a brawler, a bruiser.  The mentality he has for the position is innate.  This is not something that comes easily to high school kids but it is perhaps his biggest skill.

Let me add to this and tell you what a D1 to D2 Coach will see.  His technique is on track and ahead of most high school linemen.  His height is borderline and at 6’2″ he will be a Center / Guard or used as a D-Tackle.  Weight is above average.  Being big is a given at the line positions but let me add this- many of our NW linemen are 290-335 lbs. Size is not uncommon.  Being big is great but coaches worry that if you can not handle your weight now in high school how will it be in college?  It will be harder.  This is not aimed at Gustavo, but all linemen and parents of linemen.  We as a family had that old school “bigger is better” mentality when our boys played and we had to learn.  Bigger slower kids are not.    More weight room, carbs, proteins, etc.  Many of you get this.  But a college coach wants a leaner athlete.

This next offseason he will work for foot speed and quickness.  I believe he will be a terrific college player and based on what I see here this season he is very recruitable.  A very impressive lineman and boy is he strong.  He well may be a prototype Nose / D-Tackle at the next level.  Time will tell but he is a dandy!

I am the Founder of the Northwest Prep Report. For 17 years I have led the way to the best of my ability to promote the best talent from the Pacific NW free of charge. It is my pleasure to continue to serve High School athletes from all over the Pacific NW and beyond. Formerly with my sites have now crossed over 8,000 stories, 7 MILLION Video Views, and 15,000 regular followers. Together with the best football people in the USA we pursue excellence for our NW athletes.

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