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Hunter Haggerty Tumwater high School

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Hunter Haggerty Breaks Out At Camp

Hunter Haggerty Breaks Out At Camp

Along with the group coverage by position at camp we are bringing you many 1-1 interviews of some of the most intriguing guys we met this off season.  Some of them are household NW Prep Football names and others are brand new faces.  One of those guys who has crossed our radar several times is Pilager, Minnesota transplant Hunter Haggerty.

Hunter Haggerty Tumwater high School

At first glance you might think this is a young John Cena; but it is Tumwater High’s Hunter Haggerty.

Hunter is just a tad under 6’4″ and 240 lbs and so well put together that when you first see him you are thinking big time talent.  That, known as the “look-test”, is never enough.  There are hoards of gum rats in big bodies who look amazing but can not move.  But Haggerty has natural size and his frame is not packed with excess weight-room muscle.  Like many linebackers we see he is big.  But unlike many we see he is mobile.

His natural frame is well proportioned, he has long arms, and is quick on his feet.  His obvious talent watching him is that of a run-stuffer.  There is no way any linemen is going to keep this guy from impacting the run game on the field.  He is too big and too fast.

On the flip side we worry when we see a kid this size projecting as a linebacker because they have to be able to cover the passing lanes at  moments notice.  In the 3 camps we have seen him in he has proven he can do just that.  At the recent RDAF showcase Camp he dropped back in coverage and deflected one pass and broke up two more in 1-1 coverage against some of the best hybrid Tight-End and H-Backs in the game.  So we are convinced this is a kid to contend with and a kid who will move on to the highest ranks of College football.

He played at a tiny school in Minnesota and this year is at Tumwater in Washington.  He will be coached by a great staff led by legendary Head Coach Sid Otton who has put out many college prospects in his career and that will help.  But Haggerty does not even have any HUDL film as they did not have that at his last school.  His task this year is to post great footage through 3 games and then see where he goes from there.  Things from our perspective look bright.

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Posted by Northwest Prep Report on Monday, June 29, 2015

Hunter may end up at the defensive end spot and he could even end up as a tight end, guard or center as he is that big and we believe can offer any of those skills to a college.  This is a young talent we believe will be a great addition to the NW offering for the recruiting class of 2015 and a neat guy to get to know off the field.

SEE HUNTER HAGGERTY Full Profile at PremierProspect

Hunter Haggerty Premier Prospect

Hunter has a Full Profile with our partners at and all of his phone numbers, social links, and film- Join him by visiting our site at

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