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Jacob Nall Of Central Catholic Gains PSU Offer

Jacob Nall Of Central Catholic Gains PSU Offer

One of the best players in the region last year was Jacob Nall of Central Catholic. In a year filled with injuries and miracles too Nall stayed steady and played tough. His work as a defensive end earned him the MVP nomination in the Mount Hood Conference. Now a Big Sky School on their way back to the top have seen that same potential and extended a bid to him for his services in the future.

Jacob Nall received a phone call from the PSU Vikings a while back and they asked for film. So he was able to get that film to them this past week.

That precipitated a message for Jacob to call them and follow up. So he did.

“I called Coach John Ely who has been recruiting me and we had a nice chat. Then he was just saying they liked my film and that they wanted to get to know me better and all of that,” said Nall.

But there was someone else who wanted to speak to him.

“Then Coach Ely said there was someone that wanted to speak to me. Coach Nigel Burton came on the line and said he enjoyed my film and then he said ‘Did Coach Ely tell you we are offering you a scholarship?’ and that blew me away,” added an excited Nall.

Jacob says he is happy and excited to have his first offer and the fact that his home school here in Portland offered him really made a difference.

“It means a lot. So I will be touring the campus and hitting their camp in the near future and getting to know them all better,” he added. “Before I decide I need to see where U of W, Idaho, WSU, and the Oregon Schools are at. They have all shown a lot of interest in me.”

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