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Jake Dukart Lands OSU Offer As Future QB To Jump The List Of 2018 Recruits

2018 Prospects

Jake Dukart Lands OSU Offer As Future QB To Jump The List Of 2018 Recruits

Jake Dukart was only a freshmen when we first saw him pressed into service for the Lake Oswego Lakers.  I remember right there and then thinking he could be special.  His 10th and 11th-grade seasons came and went and he impressed – but with an eye on baseball and an offer in hand to play for ASU on a scholarship he was sort of one foot only in the football scene.

Jake Dukart Lake Oswego

A busy offseason as the gunslinger for Team Lillard (Houston Lillard) has boosted his confidence and his recent visit to OSU has him reeling after the Beavers made him a verbal offer to play QB for them next season.  Now take a relative unknown in the QB scene who is 6’3″ and 185 lbs. and has a rocket for an arm and give a team like OSU and we may see a match made in heaven!

What does it take to become a Pac 12 QB?  Because many kids are spending thousands and thousands and still not getting a sniff.  In fact right now for the 2018 QB’s in the entire Pacific NW only Jacob Sirmon (Bothell, WA) and Colson Yankoff (Couer d’ Alene, ID) have offers in the 2018 Class.  Both of those guys have had offers since 10th grade and are D1 Top 20 proto-types.  Both are committed to the UW.

What Dukart has done here is prove that he has what it takes without being a Camp-Junkie to be a D1 big daddy.  Lillard and his team of coaches helped.  But let’s make no mistake here- when it comes to OSU and the Lakers this is also about Head Coach Steve Coury and his staff.  Coury, and his boys are all Beaver alum and I am quite certain they had a heavy hand in this offer.

Dukart is a stud- he is a great athlete and student and there is not much risk here for the Beavers.  If the Ducks can take Justin Herbert on a flier from Eugene and hit pay dirt so too can the Beavers hit the local boys up.  I think this may be a great fit and Dukart may be a great choice.  There are a ton of guys who look great in unpadded drills and camps.  This guy had proven on the field too.

Lillard has seen him grow this off-season, “He’s grown a lot since we met. Jake is very athletic with really good feet. The guy has the “IT” factor.

houston lillard

“He is Cool, Calm, and Collected all the time!”

Have a look- right now Jake has jumped the list and now is on all the recruiting board as the 3rd best QB in the Pacific NW for the class of 2018!  Way to go Jake!  Click here to see his profile and click here to see our growing list of the best of the NW for 2018.

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