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Jalen Hicks Showcases D1 Speed – Who Is Offering This Kid First?

You want to see the Fastest Running Back you will see this season? Here he is – Jalen Hicks of Ferris High School.

Jalen Hicks Showcases D1 Speed – Who Is Offering This Kid First?

I remember quite a few players I have watched this past decade; maybe 500 or so right off hand.  But very few have had me at that “WOW” moment.  The moment when you know that the athlete is going to be really big potentially.  A few of us were there when Budda Baker (Bellevue- UW), who was not the biggest kid, made a move on a kick return as a Sophomore and left us all speechless.

Then there was Keivarae Russel out of Mariner (Notre Dame) who put out some film and showed it to us first and we knew he was special.  The film showed speed beyond speed which was not reflected in his 4.68 laser 40 time.  Thomas Tyner (Aloha HS-Oregon) we watched grow up.  When he verified his speed with a 10.5 and then a 10.36 100 Meter it was over.  That is NFL world class speed.  The now Oregon Duck is one of many speedsters out there in the PAC 12 and stands above most all.

Every year there is someone we know is going to surprise people and break out big time.  This year we already wrote about Jalen Hicks and screamed his praises in the story “How Fast Is Jalen Hicks?”.

Officially the Ferris High star RB is about a 4.5 or 4.55 Laser 40.  That is good but not great.  But this kid is WAY FASTER then that.  HIs 360+ yard game  10 days ago wowed everyone.  Everyone in Spokane and Eastern Washington.  But what should have happened and what will happen now is this.  Every Head Coach with a brain should be watching this young mans film and then jumping on the phone to his Coach.

His quickness, his vision, his change of direction, and yes his speed are all very much for real.  He has many of the same qualities the players above have and reminds us a lot of D’Anthony Thomas.  Someone will give Jalen a shot at College ball.

His speed is in the low 4.4’s on a laser by our numbers.  The film is Ridiculous.  Anyone that watches this film and has a faster or quicker athlete on their team or in their zip code needs to call me right now.  That number is 503-799-8383.


How fats is Jalen Hicks?

How fats is Jalen Hicks?

How Fast Is Jalen Hicks?  Watch His HUDL Here 



Jalen Hicks Showcases D1 Speed – Who Is Offering This Kid First?

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