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2015 Prospects

James Price Of Camas Leads Region As Big time WR

Watch James Price Film and read the news on this Camas Football Star right here at NWPrep Report!

James Price Of Camas Leads Region As Big time WR

Time to once again catch up with one of the Regions Best.  Today it is 6’2″- 200 lbs monster Wide Receiver James Price.  The lanky powerhouse has that exciting combination of speed and size college coaches are looking for when they hunt down a wide receiver.  This guy makes some exciting catches and big plays most every night for the Camas Papermakers and we can’t help but love what he does.  He holds an offer form Columbia and has a lot of schools circling in.

Price is a big time athlete and perhaps even a better student.  His commitment to his team and his school work is exemplary. We encourage any Coach or recruiter as well as all you fans to take a close look at this guy!  Catch James Price Hudl Film Right Here.  The 2 Minute Drill we did with James is here.  Send us your 2 Minute Drill and we will try to cover your progress as well!

This is James Price Of Camas High School; the big kid is a big time target and heck of a student more importantly!

This is James Price Of Camas High School; the big kid is a big time target and heck of a student more importantly!

James Price Of Camas Leads Region As Big time WR

  James Price
School and Class:
  Camas High School Class of 2015
Phone and EMail
  (360) 931-8757
Height – Weight- Speed – Strength
  Height: 6’2″
Weight: 196 lbs
40 time: 4.6
Bench: 254
Squat: 270
Clean: 264
Shuttle: 4.2
ON: Is there any recent news on the Collegiate front? Have you been contacted by any schools via phone, em,ail, mail, text, or Facebook etc?
  Offered: Columbia University (Ivy League: New York, New York)
Media contacts: University of Washington, Washington State, Oregon State, Stanford University, Columbia University, Eastern Washington University, Portland State University, Denison University, Wesleyan University, University of Montana, Central Washington University, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Tuskegee University, Davidson College.
ON: How is the Season Going so far for you and the Team?
  The season has been an incredible experience so far. The team has progressed on a daily basis and earned a 6-0 record so far. The Camas High School program as a whole has a vision of perfection and it will take a collective effort from everyone to keep the vision in perspective.
What Position(s) are you playing this season?
  Wide Receiver and Safety
ON: Are you happy with your progress?
  I am proud of my progress so far as an athlete however I am never content with proficiency. Even if someone is a top player in their region there is always somebody better in the nation. Anything less than a conscious commitment to excellence is an unconscious commitment to mediocrity. Personally, I am satisfied with the coaching and training that I have in my life and I will continue to improve as an athlete.
On: What is your favorite part of the Football season?
  My favorite part of the football season is actually the last game of the season. Whenever it may be. The team comes together and reaches new levels in that time and it’s a tremendous atmosphere to be a part of.
In a year from now what do you want to look back on and remember about this season that is just ahead?
  In a year from now I want to be able to look back and reflect on the impact I have made in my life prior to college. In the classroom and on the football field I want to be remembered as someone who gave back for the benefit of others.
Name some guys who you have been impressed with on your team? Any surprises or young guys standing out?
  Class of 2016 Quarterback Liam Fitzgerald has impressed the state with his dual threat abilities. Liam has special, natural talent and is a hardworking student of the game. He will be someone to keep an eye out for as he progresses into his senior year.

Class of 2015 Linebackers Gabe Lopes and Reid Conlee have continued to leave their mark on high powered offenses. They both possess special talents that take them to the ball on every play. True definition of student athletes that will excel in many different aspects of life.

Class of 2015 Runningbacks Cole Zarcone and Bryan Kelly have been stat sheet stuffers this season. Their talents were masked by an outstanding athlete and this year they have came out with a fiery passion. They are two young men that will do whatever it takes to be the best and will not give up until they reach perfection.

Offers of Visitations:
Offer: Columbia University

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