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Jared Goldwire A Top Level Recruit

Jared Goldwire is 6’7″ and 270 lbs and about ready to blow up the National recruiting scene; he is that potentially good!

Jared Goldwire A Top Level Recruit

Three years ago I went to watch a basketball game up at Auburn Mountainview High School in Washington.  It was a showcase event of sorts and during the process of tracking the teams and stars and all of that my attention was quickly turned to a young man who had to duck to come out from the hall into the gym; beard and all!  It took me a few minutes to ask who this man-child was and someone finally said, “That’s Jared Goldwire from Lakes.  He is really good.  And did you know he is a freshmen?”

3 years ago I shot this picture of Jared Goldwire at 6'7" starting as a freshmen at Lakes.  He is much bigger now and has great ability to move!

3 years ago I shot this picture of Jared Goldwire at 6’7″ starting as a freshmen at Lakes. He is much bigger now and has great ability to move!

By the end of the event I had seen this 6’6″ & 260 lb. beast-boy run up and down the court scoring at will and creating tough match-ups for anyone trying to come anywhere near the paint.  He ran well, moved well, and reminded me a lot of Zach Banner who is now at USC and was also a Lakes High big man and eventual All American.

I wanted to know more.

That day I got a phone number and followed up a little.  But getting Goldwire on the phone proved hard so as we usually do with Freshmen we left the matter to be sorted out when he was done with his Sophomore year.  A body that big and developed at that age already had D-1 Football / Basketball written all over him.  Jared played on  an AAU Hoops teams year around and we just never connected.

A year later he moved.

“I moved my Sophomore year to O’Dea for academic reason mostly,” said Jared this week by phone.  “Of course I planned to play football and then basketball there but things did not work out with my transfer I guess so I was allowed to attend school but not play sports.”

His crucial Sophomore year he was effectively out of sports.  Anyone that was aware of him as both a National football and basketball recruit lost him off their radars.

After a year at Lakes (Frosh) and a year at O’Dea (Soph) he moved a 3rd time with his family to Kent, Washington and enrolled at Kentwood High and was allowed to play this past football season. He played well and started at defensive end and played offensive line too.  He shined in many games collapsing the strong side of the field and using his length and size to create havoc for opposing teams; one of 3 amazing defensive linemen Kentwood showcased last year including Josiah Bronson who signed with Temple.

In his now 6’7″ (all of that) frame he has bulked up to a nice 270 lbs.  He is a proto-type long armed O-line or D-line prospect but unlike most athletes in his body type he has not yet blown up the D-1  recruiting circuit.  Our bet is that starting now that is all about to change.

“Not playing my sophomore year hurt for sure.  People sort of forgot about me I guess and I will admit I was devastated because I was ready and told I was good to go. The news shocked me and it was upsetting.  But last year I made a strong comeback,” said Jared who many labeled as a “basketball guy” after his freshmen year.

Many, like me, thought he would be a 10 offer basketball and football recruit.  This sort of talent can sometimes play both in college.  That was talked about as one option in recruiting inner-circles.  Making these moves and finding his identity took him a while.  In fact his recent decision to not play basketball and pursue football full time was a big part of that and something he wants and needs people to know.

“I am 100% football.  I know I can play at the highest levels and it was time for me to choose so I did,” the thoughtful athlete said.  “My knee had a 10% meniscus tear which I was able to have fixed and being 100% healthy and ready for next season is now happening.”

Basketball for a big kid is the worst for knees.  That constant pounding on the hardwood has done in many an athlete and the year around AAU ball only makes it worse.  He needed to make this decision and it seems to be a good one as things are picking up for him.

“Right now the UW is in contact a lot. So are the Oregon Ducks who have come by the school here.  Also WSU, Florida State, Notre Dame,  Texas, and Purdue have been contacting me,” he added.

All of these schools realize what he represents as an athlete.  His grades are right at a 3.3 overall and he seems to be on his way to being a full qualifier.  The only concern we have heard at all is that he needs to complete a full season as the knee has kept him out of a few games.  That being said this injury is the easiest to fix and almost expected anymore. Jared says it is now good to go.

Watch the big man do his thing from last season right here and you will see what we see and what these big time schools see.

It is probably not a question of if but when someone makes an offer on this guy.  Given his size and abilities we would speculate that 4-10 offers will be in his hands before signing day 2017 if all goes well.

On the lighter side Jared is a fun guy and talked openly about his life and his family which includes brothers and his Dad who are all involved with the game.  He laughed as we spoke about his family and his future and at one point he lamented that Texas has been a favorite for him for many years.

“My brother John and I used to play the video game NCAA Football .  He would play as Miami and I would be Texas and it was always a blast,” he said. “Of course Texas always won.  That is where my interest in Texas started and I’d love to play there!”

Jared Goldwire D1 Recruit

During Football season of 2014 Jared finally showed the world what he is capable of and it is pretty special indeed.

He rates his strength as his knowledge of the game, his ability to prepare for opponents by studying film and the play books, and his Football IQ while on the field.

Areas he wants to improve include overall strength.  As big and commanding as he is he says he has room to really improve and a high ceiling ahead of him.

“Playing basketball year around never allowed for much weight or strength training.  Right now that is what I am doing for the first time ever and I plan to come onto the field this Fall bigger and faster.”

He ran a 4.7 hand time 40 and thinks he can be a sub 5.0 laser guy.  That is moving folks for a kid this big.

Whatever happens with Kentwood’s Jared Goldwire the next 6 months will likely determine his future.  A future that started out bright a few years back, sputtered, and is now fully back on track.

In our book he is a top tier prospect on a National scale.


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