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Jayshawn Jordan Locks Down Opponents and The WSU Cougars

Jayshawn Jordan Locks Down Opponents and The WSU Cougars

The hardest position to recruit a top athlete to is Cornerback. And it is not because the athletes are not there but the because those same guys don’t like the pressure and the difficulty of being in that role. It is a specific skill set and mentality that has to come together. Washington has a premier corner and he just received his first offer.

At O’Dea High School they all know him.  Jayshawn Jordan is a big hitter and a play maker. But try and get open against this guy if your a receiver and your in trouble.

He is quick and anticipates where your going and what your trying to do. Jayshawn is fearless and takes advantage where he can and grabs a ball every once and a while for himself.

He doesn’t mind.

At the Barton Football 7 On 7 recently in Corvallis he shined. Several former Beaver greats asked us about him.

“That kid right there can play,” said one Pac 10 starter at the position.

Some feel he is an inch too short but when you take into account his skill set and athletic prowess his 5’10” frame is just fine by most experts account.

He has a host of schools interested in him. His 2010 campaign was great but he never really felt 100% as he was always fighting some Hamstring issues.

One school of the many that are speaking to him has decided that they had seen all they needed to see after reviewing his film. That led to some big news for Jayshawn.

“The WSU Cougars offered me a full ride today and that is my first offer,” said a joyful Jordan.

How did this happen for him?

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