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Jeff Seid Defines his Body and his role at Kentridge High

Jeff Seid Defines his Body and his role at Kentridge High

July 5, 2011

Dirk Knudsen Editor

Dirk Knudsen;
Jeff Seid pulls down Oregon MVP RB Steven Long which is no easy task

The Kent Valley is a hot bed for High School football and all of the teams in the area have at one point or another enjoyed success. To do that you need talented athletes and Kentridge has a few of those guys that will take the field this fall. One of them is Senior Jeff Seid.

Jeff is a terrific athlete and when he walks in the room the rest of the boys gotta up their game cause this guy gets the looks. A more defined and chiseled athlete does not exist in the Pacific Northwest right now.

His body fat is next to nothing and this top rated wrestler puts his time in 7 days a week at the gym. But he has true strength, not just a pumped up physique, benching over 300 and completing the whole battery of power lifts.

As the season nears we have had a chance to see him compete twice so far. Once in a 7 on 7 event at OSU as a linebacker and once in live 1-1 drills at a combine. Safe to say we were impressed enough to reach out and get a little more of his story.

“I was born in Kent and have been here my whole life. This is my 3rd year as a Varsity football player and I wrestle and work on my grades when I am not playing or training for football,” said Jeff.

He is 5’11” and 195 pounds of raw muscle and bone. His lateral speed is above average and so is his ability to go vertical. Jeff looks the part of an outside backer too and with a little work may even be a possible Safety.

But his experience so far has been a little different.

“I play some Fullback and a little linebacker but the team needed me up front last year so I played defensive end and some nose guard.”

Well it worked out because he led the league in tackles for loss and had 5 sacks. He loves that but knows his best fit is at the outside backer spot.

“This year I am playing outside backer and I am really happy about that. I loved playing the line but this will give me a chance to play where I feel I can do well in pass coverage and in stopping the run too,” he said.

What about recruiting?

“I am hearing from a lot of smaller schools. Some from CWU too. A little from PSU in the Big Sky. Time will tell but I sure would like to play at the next level somewhere.”

And he should. He showed a real toughness in run coverage and is quick enough to recover if he is juked or beaten a little. Hi arms appear longer then usual and his upper body strength allowed him to corral some of the best RB’s in the region.

Jeff is excited to see how his team does and thinks they have a shot at the playoffs for sure. He cites the fact that the team has good depth at many positions and the rise of Super recruit; Tight EndCaleb Smith. He also spoke about two transfer from Arizona who just arrived and he thinks they can really help the team.

“The brothers are QB John Hamilton and LB Alex McGuire. They are both really good players and will help the team.”

His goal is clear. Help the team get to the State Tournament. That is the key and a goal he is willing to work for.

“We are all dedicated to that and I think we can do it if we play as a team.”

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