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Rockford’s Jordan Rose Impresses WSU and Commits

Jordan Rose walked into the NWEFC Football Camp June 7th a Virtual no name. He left with some cred in the Trenches and some rising interest from College Coaches!

Rockford’s Jordan Rose Impresses WSU and Commits

Man oh man.  Back to that June 7th Camp.

The one we have insisted is the proven Champion of the Camp circuit.  The one that promised 23 Colleges and Universities and delivered 100%. Over 100 positional coaches came out June 7th and the action was fast and furious.  That Northwest Elite Football Camp started almost 7 years ago by Jason Gesser before anyone else had a major College showcase camp or used that Northwest Elite name forever confusing the issue.    What a Camp it has become and what a camp is was in 2013.

Left is Jordan Rose of Rockford, WA and this small school stud got down and dirty sending a message that he was ready to move up to the big time!

Left is Jordan Rose of Rockford, WA and this small school stud got down and dirty sending a message that he was ready to move up to the big time!

For our part we covered it all.  With 3 of our staff there we shot almost 2,000 pics and did almost 30 interviews and follow up stories.  Our favorite part of the camp is finding new unheralded talent and watching it rise.  That happened for a good number of guys and over in the linemen Trench Wars a few guys really stepped it up.  One of them at camps end left before we could really even thank him for the performance and let him know he was a camp finalist for MVP on our list.

Small town kids can be that way.  That is just how we last left Jordan Rose, a 6’6″- 310 lb Offensive Linemen, from Rockford, Washington.   And when we say small town we mean it.

Welcome to Rockford, Washington, population 500. Home of the South East Spokane County Fair, September 21st, 22nd, and 23rd 2012; the fair that showcases exhibits from the entire Palouse farming region.

Our community’s pride in unbounded friendliness keeps the cozy farming community growing, cradled in a fertile crescent of rich farmlands surrounded by low, evergreen forested mountains, 22 miles south of Spokane Valley, WA and 26 miles southwest of Coeur d’Alene, ID.

Visitors enjoy a first-rate driving tour through the block-long business district of historic two-story buildings, enhanced by the idyllic Rockford Park and Fairgrounds that entice travelers to bide a while.

– See more at:

Sounds so nice I am about to jump into the car and take one last run at Summer!

We tried to catch up but could not but one thing is for sure.  The noise he made there in front of that group of Coaches was pretty darn loud and Jordan moved on to Idaho and WSU camps and walked off with offers.   Incidentally we were standing right next to Coaches from both schools on and off all during the NWEFC and this showing he had no doubt led him to jump from No Name to Pac 12 stud.  You understand this used to rarely happen.  But this camp let him shine and when he left he knew that out of a group of upwards of 100 of the biggest toughest linemen in the entire Region he was a man to reckon with.

Jordan was offered by WSU after coming home from their Camp and recently reciprocated by pledging his future to the Cougars.  We will have a full interview in day or two.  Right now we wanted to send our congrats out to this fantastic young athlete and share the news with you all.

Rose showed fight, the ability to move, and great strength in the vicious 1-1 battles at the end of the camp.  What he did not show was much technique.  And the coaches saw that too.  But the old saying “Coaches recruit athletes not football players” really is true.  And with Offensive Linemen the better the kids are without technique just gets the thoughts running in their minds.

“What will he be like once we teach him?”

That is what these schools are seeing in this big block of wood.


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Catch his very well put together highlight film here and stand by for more!

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