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Kejuan Coleman Of Cascade HS Having Picture Perfect Season

Kejuan Coleman is a fantastic athlete and as a running back at Cascade HS he is having a picture perfect season so far!

Kejuan Coleman Of Cascade HS Having Picture Perfect Season

Cascade High School is the home of the Bruins.  Up in Everett, Washington the school has been putting out good athletes and graduates since 1961.  The home of TV’s Patrick Duffy (Dallas, Man from Atlantis, Other) the school has had some high points over the years for sure competing in the Wesco-South League in the 4 A Division.

This week they head to a show down with Edmonds-Woodway and both teams are 4-0.  This is going to be a game to see for sure with both squads having some depth and some solid positional players.  Florida Transfer Josh Smith at QB is tearing it up and is committed to South Alabama already.  Aiding him to open those passing lanes is speedster Kejuan Coleman who we have covered before.  He is having a bang up Junior season playing safety and running back.  His work in the backfield is eye popping and has coaches and analysts like us talking.

At 4-0 the Cascade Bruins are having a picture perfect season and #5 KeJuan Coleman is a big part of that success.

At 4-0 the Cascade Bruins are having a picture perfect season and #5 Kejuan Coleman is a big part of that success.

“That kid is special and your going to want to know about him,”said Northwest Elite Football Camp owner and former WSU QB Cole Morgan when we spoke late this Summer.  “He is fast, has hands, and is very quick.”

Morgan knows talent when he sees it running the biggest showcase camps on the West Coast the last couple of years.  And you know what?  He was right.

Kejuan (Ka-Wan) has helped the Bruins move to 4-0 this year from his position in the backfield.  He called right after he finished his 4 game film and was proud to say he had it ready.  We watched it and boy does he.

WATCH Kejuan Coleman’s 4 Game Junior Highlight Film Here

“Rigth now I am about 5’10” or 5’11” and about 180 to 185 lbs.  It’s been a great year and with Josh here and all we are rolling.  I am getting a chance to run behind our line and because Josh can run and pass defenses have a lot to cover.  So far I have over 500 yards rushing and 6 Td’s and am really happy with things,” said Coleman who is a ball of positive if not infectious energy.

He is averaging almost 10 yards a touch.  On defense he has broken up a couple of passes and has 13 tackles solo.  A real factor you could say as many thought he would or could be.

What is the secret to his success?

“Coach Troy is a big reason,” gleamed KeJuan.  “He is a speed and agility coach and he helped me in just a few months drop my 40 time from 4.75 to 4.57 and I know I can get faster.  He has really motivated and shown me I can do more and be better.”

KeJuan is hearing from WSU what he says is “a lot” and says others like EWU and PSU are checking in.  Once his film gets around you can bet that will happen.  You will see if you watch it his ability to hit the hole, alter his speed, shake and bake, and then put his foot to the gas.  This is a really talented kid.  We never doubted Morgan as he has never been wrong and is always very careful to never hype a guy.  Not his bag which is really refreshing.

Josh Smith?

“He is a Pac 12 athlete.  He can play with the best; we all believe that.  He is a special guy to be around,” said Coleman.

He is fired up for this weeks upcoming came and will battle with Juniour Opoku-Mensah of Edmonds-Woodway who we will be covering soon.  Another stand out at the NWEFC and a kid we already know is hot.  This game will be one for the college scouts to watch and we expect to see them there.

Stay tuned for more on all of these guys and congrats to Kejuan Coleman for getting his film out and for having the great season he is having so far!

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