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Kolby Barker Is A Hidden Pac 12 Talent

Kolby Barker Is A Hidden Pac 12 Talent

We found this kid in drills at the NW Stars Camp where many of the best of NW had come to get a look this past February.  Taylor Barton and Northwest Elite Index teamed up with myself and Northwest Prep Report and turned out one of the greatest events in the history of the Pacific NW.  We did that by bringing known and unknown talent together and even now we are still going through thousands of pics and film looking over the footage.

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Kolby Barker Is A Hidden Pac 12 Talent

Standing there at the linemens pod my mind races with the numbers ans spreadsheets matching faces with names and verifying what I knew and did not know.  Within 5 minutes of warm ups I confirmed over 100 athletes and was happy to realize we had the best kids there with few exceptions and that included all my favorite unsung heroes who are ready to grab the 2016 season for their schools and a shot at college football.  But there are those 20% I am always finding.

“Wait who is that kid?”

That is my mantra at camps like that.  Ryland knows what I mean- we both do it and just shake our heads.  Kolby Barker was that guy for me at the NW Stars Camp- at least one of them.  I watched this 6’4″ monster glide through the drills and explode into the bags with ease.  He was fast and quick and has that quick twitch you have to have to be great.  Everything about him except his technique screamed Pac 12 and yet he was an unknown.

We named him an All Camp winner at defensive line and followed up.  He was humble and grateful and worked hard.  A great kid this guy is and one hell of a talent.  So when the Wyoming Cowboys offered him more of less out of the blue I was not surprised.  We had already watched his film and to be honest and objective it is stunningly good.  Coaches this is a Pac 12 caliber athlete that you need to get interested in really quickly.  He has he entire package and is still growing.  So come with me on a Q & A short session interview we did with Kolby Barker of Salem’s McNary High School.  His words will speak for him and his film is inserted below.  Oregon, OSU, WSU, UW, Cal, it does not matter.  With a 4.0 GPA and a great resume this guy has Pac 12 and likely Stanford written all over him.  Enjoy!

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NWPR:  So Kolby tell me about this offer? How did the offer go down and what did the coaches say? Were you in discussions with Wyoming?

KB:  I hhadn’t too much time looking into Wyoming, or talked to anyone from there before yesterday. Their D -Tackle coach (Gordie Haug) came to my school and talked to me a bit, then called me at about 8pm. We talked about the school and the football program, and he asked if I would be interested in playing football for the Cowboys. I said yes and he offered me a full ride scholarship, with no pressure to decide right away!

NWPR:  Kolby we met in February at the NW Stars Camp- that got you on my Radar for sure. How was that Camp experience and what is up next for you as far as events or Camps?

KB:  That camp was great, I had some fun and knocked the rust off from the off season — I left the camp knowing what to improve on before the next camps. My summer camp schedule so far is University of Nevada June 4, Cal June 11, Northern Arizona June 12, Boise State June 15-18, Oregon State June 19, Portland State June 26, U Dub July 15,16, and Oregon July TBD.

NWPR:  OK wow that is a perfect plan of attack!  I would also like you to tell me what you feel your greatest asset as a recruit is on and off the field? Why would I want to recruit you if I was a D1 Coach? And be a critic of your game- where can you improve the most?

KB:  On the field, I am quick off the ball.  I have the length to keep O Linemen off — have a 6’8″ wingspan and I am barely 17 and still growing.  In general I am extremely competitive — I have maintained a 4.0 all throughout my schooling career, in part because I want a higher GPA than my buddies! I am always working to be the best in the classroom, in the weight room, and on the field. My biggest weakness in football is my experience, I have always been a linebacker, and this season I split time between LB and DE; I have a lot to learn as far as technique goes!

NWPR:  What are you goals for this year and for after High school? What areas if study interest you?

KB:  This Fall I plan to be the best teammate and leader I can be. We lost a lot of Seniors this year, so I will have to haul a lot of weight. Last year’s unanimous vote for 1st team All League Defense was a real honor for me, and I hope to earn that again, as well as make the 1st team All State. As far as school goes, I intend to keep my 4.0, and wherever I decide to play football, I’d like to study Business!

NWPR:  Anything about other sports or family we should know about? Anything outside football or school a coach or our readers might like to know?

KB:  Well, I’m a member of FBLA, (Future Business Leaders of America), and I am a manager/cashier/marketing specialist for our school store, which raises money for FBLA’s business education programs.

NWPR:  Any athletes in the bloodline? Ex NFL or College football players? Do you play hoops or anything else?

KB:  Derek Anderson is my 3rd cousin (backup qb for the Panthers).  I have always played baseball but I switched to track this year because it’s better training for football. I throw shot put and discus and practice with the 100 meter sprinters.  My best 40 time is a 10.87 and I am trying to get faster!

NWPR:  That is great stuff Kolby!  You are on your way now kid.  Best of luck and stay in touch with NWPR ok?

KB:  You know I will.  Thanks so much for helping me get my story out!

NWPR:  Our pleasure!


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